Bronco Blog: 2009 WAC Volleyball Tournament

Bronco Blog: 2009 WAC Volleyball Tournament

Follow the Broncos on their trip to Las Vegas for the 2009 WAC Volleyball Tournament

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Tuesday, Nov. 24 -6:33 pm

Broncos end their season with a 3-0 loss to the NMSU Aggies. But what a great season they had! Best WAC Record ever and best conference record since 1998. Also, it's the furthest they've ever advanced in the WAC Tourney.


Tuesday, Nov. 24 -6:30 pm

Broncos are down 21-8 in set #3

Tuesday, Nov. 24 - 6:24 pm

Aggies leading 12-6 in set #3 and are up 2-0.


Tuesday, Nov. 24 - 6:04 pm

Wow! The Aggies made a BIG comeback and won 26-24 in set #2... Aggies up 2-0 now.


Tuesday, Nov. 24 - 5:54 pm

The Broncos lost the first set 25-16, but are playing awesome in the second set! Winning 22-17!


Blog #6 - Tuesday, Nov. 24 - 10:00 am

From: Alisha Young (Junior)


Alisha has made big changes this season switching from an opposite hitter to a middle blocker, which have benefited the team as well as her individual stats. She has accumulated the most kills in all the season's she has been a Bronco this year as well as the most points and most blocks. She leads the team in kills and is second in blocking this season.

Our win against Idaho feels still so good! I woke up this morning and replayed a lot of the game last night; there were so many awesome plays and what’s so great is how well everyone contributed to the match. The bench was amazing and I’m sure many of them lost their voices cheering. Emotions are still high with excitement this morning which helped make practice productive and have lots of energy (which is sometimes hard early). Breakfast was once again very good, gotta love Las Vegas buffet’s! We got up at seven this morning so most of us are going to take a nap so we can be completely rested and full of energy for our match tonight. We are so excited and ready to play the Aggies!  


Monday, Nov. 23 - 10:35 pm -

Boise State advances to the 2009 WAC Championship Semifinals against No. 2-seeded New Mexico State. The match will be played at 5:00 pm (PT). This is the furthest Boise State has ever advanced in a WAC Volleyball Tournament.


Blog #5 - Monday, Nov. 23 - 10:30 pm

From: Breann Nesselhuf (Sophomore)

Breann has been the starting setter for the whole season after joining the Broncos as a transfer in the spring of 2009. She has been an integral part of their success throughout the season and showcases not only a talent in her setting, but hitting and all around play as well.


By far the best win of the season took place tonight in Las Vegas for the Boise State Broncos against the Idaho Vandals.  An outstanding performance by all of the lady Broncos to upset the Vandals in four.  The emotion that went into the game and that came after the game is indescribable.  There was laughter, yelling, and tears of happiness and excitement.  The reason that we train so hard all the time is to get to experience these unforgettable wins and memories.  We enjoyed an awesome meal at TGI Fridays accompanied by all of our friends and family that were able to cheer us on this week.  It was really nice to spend time with all of them and look forward to seeing them tomorrow.  We are sitting in the hallway right now talking about our plans for tomorrow.  We have practice early again in the morning followed by the same schedule as today.  We play tomorrow at five against the New Mexico Aggies.  We are ready for another challenge and very pleased with our performance tonight and know we will need to play even better tomorrow.  We are off to bed for another exciting, fun-filled day tomorrow.  Good night! GO BRONCOS!!!


Monday, Nov. 23 -- 7:19 pm
Bronco volleyball wins over Idaho... 3-1... advances to Semi's against No. 2 seeded New Mexico State 5:00 pm (PT) tomorrow!

Monday, Nov. 23 - 7:04 pm
Broncos lead 18-11!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, Nov. 23 - 6:56 pm
Broncos jump to a quick 9-5 lead in the fourth set.


Monday, Nov. 23 - 6:50 pm

Broncos fall 25-23 in the third set, but are up 2-1 in sets.


Monday, Nov. 23 - 6:43 pm
Broncos down 24-21 in set three


Monday, Nov. 23 - 6:28 pm

Broncos had a slow start to the third set but are back in the game... down 9-7.


Monday, Nov. 23 - 6:14 pm

Boise State comes from WAY behind (down by 8 points at times) to pull off a crucial 26-24 set two win to go up 2 sets to none over Idaho!

Monday, Nov. 23 - 5:40 pm

Broncos play a close first set and pull off a late, close win 25-22 over the Vandals!

Match Time!


Blog #4 - Monday, Nov. 23 - 11:30 am

From: Liz Harden (Freshman)

Liz has been a starting outside hitter for the Broncos this season, having an excellent freshman campaign producing the third-most number of kills. She was honored last night for her efforts by being named to the WAC All-Freshman Team.


Hello from Las Vegas! Wow it’s hard to believe we are already in Vegas for the WAC Tournament! This season has gone by so fast but I’m so excited to be here and play Idaho tonight. Everything is going well so far!! This morning we got up at 7 a.m. for practice at 8 a.m. We met in Bott’s room for a light breakfast: bananas and muffins, and then walked to the arena for practice. The arena is really nice and the court is SportCourt. We went to our locker room and put on all our gear and then did our dynamic warm-up in the hallway because we couldn’t get on the court till 8 a.m. Once we got on the court, we got to work. We did a little serve and pass, some defense work, and some 6 on 6. Everyone was working hard and it was a good practice, especially for a morning practice (we usually practice in the afternoon). After practice we had to count the balls and of course we were missing one ball!! Everyone was looking everywhere for it but there was no ball to be found. Then we found out that we weren’t actually missing one, the people just told us the wrong number of balls. We were relieved. Afterwards we went back to our locker room and there was a box full of WAC backpacks, shirts and media guides for the tournament. We changed into our new WAC shirts and our sweats and walked to the breakfast buffet. The breakfast buffet was crowded. Once we got in we had to separate with about 4 people at a table. I sat with Griffin, Cailin, and Emily Compton. There were a lot of different kinds of food from a fresh fruit and yogurt bar, to an omelet section, to pancakes and waffles. We were all feeling full after breakfast and walked back to our rooms. Time to rest and relax for our big game tonight. We have lunch at 2 p.m. and then GAME TIME at 5 p.m. against Idaho!! I am so excited to get revenge and I know everyone else is as well. It’ll be a good match.



Bronco Blog #3 - Sunday, Nov. 22 - 8:00 pm

From: Kati Lewis (Senior)


Kati has been a part of the team for four seasons now, playing in the setter and defensive specialist positions. She has played in the backcourt during her senior season and has come on strong mid-to-late in the season, helping the Broncos to the recent successes.


The Broncos have had an eventful day getting settled in Las Vegas. We just returned from a wonderful banquet that included a delicious meal and some awesome award winners for Boise State! Liz Harden made Freshman Team All-WAC! Sadie Maughan, Alisha Young, and Breann Nesselhuf made All-WAC Second Team! We were so proud of them! Way to go girls! The banquet was located in an upper-level suite in the same arena all the tournament matches will take place in. Looking down over the awesome court set-up made us even more anxious to attack the Vandals tomorrow! We are prepared for a focused day of volleyball tomorrow, starting with 8am practice. Wish us luck and go Broncos!!


Bronco Blog #2 - Sunday, Nov. 22 - 4:30 pm

From: Amanda Remy (Sophomore)


Amanda has been a member of the Bronco volleyball team for two seasons playing as an outside hitter in her second season. Not only has she become a major asset to the team’s offensive efforts, but she has also been the team leader in digs for the season.


The WAC Tournament is finally here!! The team and I are so excited that we arrived in Vegas today and are ready to compete in the tournament! We arrived this morning and cannot wait to get this week started. We started the week off by eating in New York, New York at a Mexican restaurant (so filling!) and walked as a team on Las Vegas Blvd! We walked from New York New York to the Bellagio and watched the water show (“Singing in the Rain” is still stuck in my head!). My favorite part of our walk was the lions at the MGM. They are such beautiful animals. Tonight we have the WAC banquet where all the teams participating in the tournament have dinner together and recognize the athletes within the conference. Tomorrow’s game cannot come any sooner and we are ready to take the court as proud Broncos and show our family, friends, and fans what we can do!




Bronco Blog #1 -Saturday, Nov. 21 - 8:00 pmJeanene Rose

From: #3 Jeanene Rose (Senior)

**Jeanene is a fourth-year senior heading to the final WAC tournament of her career. She has been a key contributor to the team this season in the backcourt playing as a defensive specialist and libero. She leads the team in service aces (21), is second on the team in digs (260) and sits third for the Broncos in the assists category (40) this season. This season alone she has set new career-bests in four categories, including six assists in a match, two service aces in a match, 26 digs in a match and 3.0 points in a match. Jeanene was named to the All-WAC Academic Team as a sophomore and junior. She is a double-major in the fields of Psychology and Spanish.

-- Beginning of WAC tournament

Well, we are off to the WAC tournament! After making it through the regular volleyball season tied for 4th in conference, we are all ready to take on Idaho for the third and final time this season at 5pm in Las Vegas for the opening match of the tournament... and we couldn't be more excited! After coming off of a tough loss at Idaho a few days ago, we have all been working very hard in the gym during these last few days of practice to get better prepared for when we play them again. Everyone is focused and determined to come out strong and aggressive against the Vandals this Monday. All 15 of us are healthy and ready to go, and we are confident that we can come out and surprise Idaho if we play to our potential this weekend, just like we did earlier this season. This year we have tackled some tough losses, won some key 5-game matches, we've pushed through injuries, we have surprised everyone in conference with earning a spot in the tournament and a surprise tie for 4th seed overall, and I am confident that our team can surprise everyone again this weekend! We take off tomorrow morning for Vegas so wish us luck! GO BRONCOS!

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