Bronco Volleyball Wraps Up New-Look Summer Camps

July 25, 2013

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BOISE, Idaho - Boise State volleyball just concluded its summer camp schedule which featured a new look in 2013. The Bronco staff looking to grow the sport in the Treasure Valley and surrounding area moved their camps to the Caven-Williams Sports Complex on campus. The move opened more space in Boise State's three camps for additional campers to learn the sport over a 10 day span. The final touch to the new look was the installation of eight sport courts that the staff obtained from USA Volleyball.  The result was a new feel with a great atmosphere for both coaches and campers.

"I thought the camps were a great success in the indoor facility," said head coach Shawn Garus. "We have been looking to grow the sport in the area and we felt the move to a larger venue would be a good opportunity for us to accomplish that. To have eight courts under one roof created a great experience for the kids and a better coaching opportunity for the staff."

In previous years the camps were limited in size and scope because of the smaller gyms used which were spread across numerous facilities. This summer over the course of the 10 days, Boise State's staff was able to coach over 300 campers including 18 teams in the sport they love. The larger facility allowed the staff to increase the number of youth involved, as well as bring back the team camp with schools from Idaho and Montana in attendance.

"The move to Caven-Williams (Sports Complex) gives us an advantage in hosting these camps that we haven't had previously in the smaller gyms across campus," said Garus. "It allows us to invite more kids to our camps and by having it in one facility the campers benefit from a better atmosphere and overall experience.  By having everything under one roof it allows the staff to have a better feel for what is going on in the camp and enhances the interaction not only among the kids but the staff as well. It is just a better training opportunity for everyone involved."

The long range goal for the Boise State staff is to grow the size of their camps over the next couples years in hope that it will give youth in the region better opportunities for increasing their volleyball experience beyond their high school years. Helping both the sport of volleyball and the Bronco program in the process, who know's their could have been a future Bronco at camp this summer.

"We want to grow volleyball in the area," commented Garus. "One way for us to do that is to increase opportunities for the kids of the region through our summer program with both individual camps and team camps. We had over 300 participants this year between the three camps, the most we have had since I've been here. I really think we are headed in the right direction with the move to Caven-Williams (Sports Complex) and we have room to add more courts as we grow in the future."

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