Sarah's European Blog

July 29, 2014

Boise State sophomore volleyball player Sarah Baugh is in Europe over the next two week's as part of the first Mountain West All-Star team that will be competing at the 10th Annual European Global Challenge in Pula, Croatia, July 13-17. While there she has agreed to write a blog on how her trip is going. Please check back over the next 10 days and see what Sarah has been up to. 

Entry #3:  Tuesday, July 29th

My final days in Europe were great! We spent our final few days in Croatia and the spent the final day in Venice sightseeing around the town. 
Overall we had a really great tournament. We beat some really talented teams like the Slovenian junior national team as well as teams from Russia and Italy. It was so interesting playing against different teams because their style of play was so different, but also very effective. We ended the tournament by losing to the Slovenian national team, but defeating the Midwest All-star team to place third in the tournament. 

It was such a blessing getting to play with such talented girls from the Mountain West. Not only was playing with them fun, but their personalities were so great. Everyone got along really well and we made each other better players. We also made such great memories: like trying gelato, swimming to the island in bled, as well as jumping off 30 foot cliffs! I had such a great experience and I would do it again in a heart beat. 

Entry #2:  Friday, July 11th

Bled, Slovenia, has been the most beautiful place that I have ever seen! The buildings are so intricate and the whole town makes it seem like your in the movie "The Sound of Music". 
Last night the team practiced against the Slovenian junior national team and those girls were fantastic. Their style is so relaxed and different that it's fun to play against. 
Today we got to sight see the Vintar Gorge. It was about a mile hike each direction, but it was totally worth it. Everywhere you looked was green! 
Later in the day we scrimmaged against the Croatian national team and boy they were big. It was fun getting to play against a team with so much experience. We played them tough but we were unable to take a game off of them. 
After the match we took this tram up to a little ski resort where the owner made us a traditional Slovenian dinner! The sausage and chicken were by far the best things I have had since I had been here! (Plus the Nutella crepe at the end). I am convinced all food tastes better in Europe. 
Tomorrow we have opening ceremonies for the games! We are all really excited and are hoping to do well in the actual tournament. We are all super feisty and really want to represent the Mountain West well! 

Entry #1:  Wednesday, July 9th

These past two days have been incredible! The craziest part about these two days is that we have not been able to sight see a ton, but I feel as if I have seen so much. For the last couple days the team and I have been practicing in a gym in Bologna, Italy. It's pretty incredible how we all get along so well. Everyone connects and even though we play a different style of volleyball, we all have the same goal; to win. 
Bologna is not exactly what I was expecting. It is very rustic looking, but there is a lot of graffiti and things around that I wasn't expecting. 
Tomorrow we travel all day to Bled, Slovenia, (which I heard is the most beautiful city we are going to see). When we arrive we have our first "match" against the Slovenian Junior National Team. This game is a scrimmage but it should give us a feel how other European teams play. 
I'm so grateful for this experience and I can't wait to see what else is in store for us.

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