Traejen Kingston Women's Tennis Honorary Coach of the Match

Jan. 31, 2014


Coach Roghaar on Honorary Coach Traejen

  • "Friday night is going to be special not only because of the great tennis, but we will also have a honorary coach with us. Traejen Kingston is a local 12 year old boy who is battling a serious kidney condition."
  • "I met Traejen and his family this fall after one of our long time fans told us he had run into Traejen playing some junior tournaments this past summer. Traejen loves playing tennis and is an awesome competitor out there on court. You won't meet a bigger Boise State fan, and I can't tell you how much fun our team and coaches have had spending time with Traejen."
  • "He's an incredible young man and an inspiration to all of us here in our program. We want to make his coaching experience a very special one, so please join us Friday night to cheer on Traejen as he leads us against Weber State."

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