Bronco Swimming Heads to Program's First Meet

What’s Happening The Boise State University swimming program is heading to Greeley, Colo., to swim in the first meet in the program’s history, Friday, at 5:00 p.m.


“This team is having fun together and we've really gotten off to a great start,” Head Coach Kristin Hill said. “I feel like we are doing great for a program that just came together at the end of the summer.”


The Broncos kick off their competitive season against Northern Colorado and San Diego State this weekend.


“We have a great schedule this season. I didn't look for an easy way out when planning the meet schedule,” Hill said. “We are going to have some great travels and we will compete against some of the best swimmers in our conference which will help us prepare for the Western Athletic Conference Championships in February.”


The Teams In its season opener, the Northern Colorado women's swimming team captured third place at the Colorado State University Early Bird Invitational, Oct. 20-21, at the Edora Pool and Ice Center (EPIC) in Fort Collins.


The San Diego State swimming and diving team opened its 2006-07 season with a narrow 93-91 victory over Loyola Marymount at the Ray & Joan Kroc Community Center pool, Oct. 14.


Bronco Swimmers Hill breaks down her roster entering the program’s first season:


Nikki DeWane and Kendra MacLean are probably our strongest swimmers overall in the most events. DeWane is a strong breaststroker and sprint freestyler, but she also has potential in the individual medley. MacLean's strengths are in the backstroke, sprint and middle distance freestyle, including the 50, 100, 200 and 500-yard events. 


Holly Chatelain is one of our hardest workers and she has some hidden talent. She is a strong freestyler and may fill some of our distance freestyle roles (500 free and 1000 free), but will also swim 100s and 200s of the strokes as well as the individual medley. 


Caitlin Boland has shown good speed in the sprint freestyle events, and we are also working on strengthening her butterfly. I think she will be a strong relay contributor as her starts are great and she gets excited for relays, as most girls do.


“Siobhan Gilmartin is strong in freestyle, butterfly and backstroke, and we will see her swim the individual medley this season as well. She comes from a good club team in Montana but hasn't trained and competed at this level in awhile so it will take her a little bit of time to improve on her best times, but we know she has a lot of ability.


Mary DeLeon Guerrero is a brand new swimmer. She has never competed in swimming before. She has improved very much and her strengths are in the sprint freestyle and sprint breaststroke (50 and 100).


Meghan Jansen is proficient at all 4 strokes, and we are working on putting together a strong individual medley and improving her freestyle technique which will help her quite a bit.


Kelsey Woodfield is also a versatile swimmer who we will see in the individual medley, freestyle and breaststroke events. She will continue to get faster as we get deeper into the season.


“Jessie Clark has very little background at this level, but her rate of improvement has been strong. She is mostly a freestyler, but has shown some interest in butterfly so hopefully she can fill a spot there as the season progresses.


“Jen Wencel is going to be a strength in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. She doesn't have a lot of pure speed, but give her 100 or 200 yards and she can compete with the best on our team.


“Shaniece Craft will compete in the 50 freestyle and relays this weekend, and she may put together 6 dives on the 1-meter. She is already a strong gymnast and we look forward to seeing what she can do in the water.


Brooke Benson and Jennifer Dorling are our top two divers and they have been working hard on their lists on both the 1- and 3-meter boards. We are excited to see them perform.  They will continue to make big strides over the course of the season.”

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