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The next series of blogs for the 2009-10 school year will come from junior Kim Nelson. Kim swims breaststroke as well as freestyle and the individual medley. She came to Boise from Mary Carrol High School in Corpus Crisit, Texas.


Oct. 19, 2009

Hey, y’all this past Saturday we swam against Washington State, a PAC-10 team, and ended up victorious!  Yes we beat our first PAC-10 team!  I’m so thrilled for this year and I can’t wait for what the end of the season will bring us.  Again, there’s no better way than winning the first and last event of the meet, 200 medley relay and 400 free relay, and beating out both of our times from last weekend just adds to the excitement.    

All of the girls did an amazing job, as we won 10 of the 16 events, HUGE accomplishment!  We just started amazing and kept it rolling from there. 

Washington State doesn’t have divers, so our divers only competed against themselves.  However, they did a great job and put forth best efforts all around.  Erin had a season best on both the 1-meter and 3-meter diving which is what everyone’s hoping for this early in the season.  It’s fun to see their progression. 

We’re starting the year off right.  Come out and support our next home meet Friday, November 13th at 7pm against NAU. 

See you there! 


Oct. 12, 2009

Hey y’all.  So, this past weekend we competed in the WAC Shootout in San Jose, California, and I can’t think of any other way to start off this year the way we did.  We really surprised ourselves when we started the meet off with a bang as we took first in the 200 medley relay.  Freshman Jennifer Cahill, in her college swim meet debut continued behind the relay to break the school record in the 1000 yard freestyle an impressive defeat for this early in the season.  Only 15 minutes into the meet and we’ve all noticed how far our program has come since we started just four years ago.  We continued the meet with another striking event after another and each one of us wanted to make a statement at this opening meet.  And we did just that, but if I could I would list everyone’s accomplishments, but I don’t want to leave anyone out so instead I’m going to say that I’m proud to be part of this Bronco Swimming and Diving team.


Our divers also had a great weekend as they got a chance to practice platform, which is something they don’t get to practice.  Our new diving coach David Leger certainly has turned around this program and we’re seeing major improvements each day.


We ended the meet on another high as sophomore Stephanie North was named Athlete of the Week; yet another accomplishment for her and our team.


Our next meet is this weekend against the PAC-10 team, Washington State, come out and support us.


Go Broncos!!!! 


September 30, 2009

If I could choose only one word to sum up these past few weeks it would be: survived.


I feel like a job well done is in order for us!!  We have officially survived our first month of this new school year.  For some it’s been the struggle to adjust to college life, and for others it’s just another month bringing us that much closer to graduation and the life that follows.  Whatever the case may be, we are making it happen.  Or as we like to say “Do it to it Lars!”  (If you don’t know that quote, we recommend you see the movie Heavyweights).


It’s an amazing feeling to be part of a team that’s growing in and of itself.  To have the opportunity to write your name in Boise State history for swimming and diving, to start a tradition that will last well over 10 years, and to know that you are the foundation of this program.  It’s a once in a lifetime experience!


None of this could even be possible if we did not get this year rolling off on the right foot.  Starting with the kickoff barbeque party before school with a chance to get to know the whole Bronco swimming and diving community (yes, parents I’m including you in this too).  Next was our white water rafting and camping trip where we were told, “no cell phones allowed.”  For us, this meant getting to know one another and really taking this opportunity to build the team we envision.  For many of us it was a struggle to go without cell phones, but we ended up finding plenty of ways to amuse ourselves: learning gymnastics from Amanda (and I must say, I see our team taking gold at the Olympics), taking senior pictures with Tara and Erica (as this was a great chance to use the natural beauty of Idaho), or just hanging around the campfire telling scary stories.  Our rafting trip was another team bonding experience, and with better weather conditions than the previous two years, it was a lot more fun.  Our guides did a good job of scaring us for the “ten foot waterfall” at the end, but in reality it wasn’t as bad as they made us believe.


I know this year is going to be a year where we yet again make history!





January 12th, 2009

Hey all,
It has been a wild few days in Hawai’i for the Broncos.

Hanauma Bay was really cool.  It is a nature preserve where you can go snorkelling and see TONS of fish and coral.  We all had to watch an educational video before being able to go out into the coral, which ended up being really fun, and I learned a lot.  There was a stuffed turtle that got passed around and it was huge.  Too bad we didn’t see any, but its cool enough that they are out there.  Stephanie North and I tried to get over to the opposite side of the Bay and we got beached onto the coral.  I managed to get onto my fingertips but Stephanie doesn’t have my cat-like reflexes and has scratches all over her stomach and legs.  We were easy to see from the beach because we were the only ones doing freestyle and wearing our front-mount snorkels.  That night my van drove by Rachael’s old high school and learned a bit about where she came from, which is always interesting.  She has been quite a tour guide for us this whole trip.  I’ve learned to go into whatever van she is in, because you learn a ton more and get to go to all the secret spots.

Yesterday we went off to Pearl Harbor to tour the memorial.  It was, as Morgan Denny tagged, “eerie” but definitely worth it.  We then went off to practice, and jetted off to a BBQ that the Meisner family was kind enough to host for us.  After eating more teriyaki chicken and sushi than I ever imagined I could, we cut a deal with Coach Kristin to swim to an island about 500 meters off shore for an hour off that evening’s practice.  It turned out to be a great deal as the entire swim only took us about half an hour and we got to see some really pretty fish (some of the same ones we had seen at Hanauma) and some sea cucumbers.

Today we had our first practice, then headed up to North Shore for lunch and beach...my kind of double.  My van went to a smaller beach and played in the very wavy bay.  Coach Justin probably won with most crashes into the beach (I would guess 8), though in true Hahto style I followed close behind.  The waves were about 9 feet and they were way fun to body surf into the red sand with hopes of a soft landing.  Justin had some pretty wicked sand burn on his back by the end of the day.  The other van went to Pipeline to watch the pros, which was apparently way cool.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to experience it all!

Anyways, off to bed before we go rock UH’s world tomorrow!

Until next time,

--Tara Hahto


January 8th

After a long flight from Boise, the entire team has arrived in the Hawaiian Islands.  As a first time visitor, I have to say that I’m very impressed.  It is gorgeous!  I can’t wait to see Samantha’s pictures.

Practices have been hard; adjusting to time differences, travel, heat and humidity changes, as well as swimming outdoors, but it’s getting easier.  Today we had morning practice then went for a drive up the island, where we had the chance to catch some waves and body surf for a few hours.  We drove back right on time for a really quick meal and then we were off to afternoon practice.

In preparation for our meet against UH we’ll be snorkeling in the morning followed by a quick body surf before evening practice.  Our divers will be up tomorrow in their dual against University of Hawaii, so best of luck to them

Until next time,

--Tara Hahto

October 1st

A lot has been happening since I last posted.  Not only did I make my way back into America, but I spent a week at Tana Loan’s (one of our fantastic divers) house before I could move into my dorm.  Highlight of the week was definitely when about 10 of us went to the water park as a last day of fun and freedom before classes (although I did get extremely sunburnt and had some mild whiplash for the next week).  Then classes started.  I am loving all of my classes so far, which is definitely a plus.

We had a team retreat last weekend where we went camping and white water rafting up about an hour and a half out of Boise.  We started off with a lunch stop on the drive there at a section of the river where we were allowed to boogie board in this rapid, so about a dozen of us jumped in a played around for an hour or so.  Even Kristin and Justin gave it a try!  We ate lunch and moved on to our campsite, which was another hour van ride.  We got there to set up our tents only to find out that we actually didn’t have tents.  We were given these ‘shelters’, which were like tents without a floor so the walls started about 5 inches above the ground.  I rolled under mine during the night, and the shelter that Lauren (Keele), Erin (Stotts), and Morgan (McLain) were sleeping in fell down in the early hours of the morning, so they ended up sleeping in the vans.  We went rafting the next day, so we got up early and ate breakfast before driving back to the river to get suited up and float down.  It was pretty overcast and actually rained (for a solid 45 seconds...but still) so Mother Nature was definitely not on our side, but we still had a good time.  Tisha (Taylor) and I pushed Justin in (on Kristin’s orders) and then later on our boat pulled a stealth pirate move so that we could (on Justin’s orders this time) retaliate and jump into Kristin’s raft and drag Kristin into the water.  About 5 other girls jumped in and floated a portion andChelsea (Lopus) and Erica (Christianson) also fell in, but that was by accident as they went over a rapid.  All in all it was really fun, minus the fact that we didn’t have real tents...

Boise State Swimming and Diving has a ton of new girls on the team this year, but it is going superbly so far.  We’re meshing really well and it has been awesome to get some new faces in practice.  With all the help from our freshmen class and the transfers we’re going to be exponentially better and I can’t wait for our first meet to see what we can do.  October 3rd and 4th.  Be there.

Anywho, enough about me...here is a little something from two of our new divers Brittney Jones and Erin Lionberger:

Favourite class:
EL: International relations
BJ: Intro to criminal justice

If I weren’t a diver I would be:
EL: A soccer player
BJ: A lazy girl sitting on my couch

People are always surprised to hear that:
EL: I’m deathly afraid of the dark
BJ: I have a twin

I would never:
EL: Be a swimmer
BJ: Drink milk

If I found 200$ I would buy:
EL: SB Thrashin Thrasher Nike Dunks (limited edition) (1/500)
BJ: A new camera or a really cool pair of shoes

If I have 2 hours to myself I:
EL: Watch Hannah Montana
BJ: Sleep

Title to my autobiography:
EL: Dive into life
BJ: Story of my life

Diving hero:
EL: Kimiko Herai Soldati
BJ: Laura Wilkinson

Too hot or too cold:
EL: Too cold
BJ: Too hot

Go Broncos!
-Tara Hahto


August 14th

Well there has certainly been no shortage of inspiration these past few weeks.  First off was the Tri-Nations Cup, which is a dual meet format competition between Canada, Great Britain, and France.  There were some fast times put up by all three national ‘B’ teams, but one particularly stands out to me: Zsofi Balazs who competed in the 400 freestyle, watched the men’s 100 fly, then competed in the 200 fly.  I think she had about three minutes between events.  Talk about a tough double...

And of course there are the Olympics, which have been AMAZING.  Clearly the highlight of the meet so far has been the men’s 4x100 freestyle where Lezak split a 46.06 to catch up half a body length in the last 15 meters.  The reactions of Garrett Weber-Gale and Michael Phelps were incredible.  It was great to see such animated reactions in our sport that is normally so reserved.  The Canadian contingency has also been swimming superbly, setting national records pretty much every time they hit the water.  I think we’ve set 15 so far, which is pretty fantastic if you ask me.  And we haven’t even hit the best medal hopefuls of Brown, Pierse, and Cochrane!  I can’t wait for the rest of the meet. It’s going to be just as incredible, with more upsets and surprises.

The past week has been pretty excellent.  I celebrated my 19th birthday, which was very fun.  I spent a lot of time with friends and family, which was very nice before I head back to Boise on Saturday.  I’m so excited to get back.  Our little team from last year has grown into a massive group that will be a force to be reckoned with, both at dual meets and at conference! I can’t wait to get in and start training with everyone.  I am struggling to get past my extreme procrastination problem to pack for my departure from Manotick, ON to make the 2,449 mile journey to Boise, Idaho.

I had the pleasure to sit and chat with with future training partner Emily Irvin.  Here is the transcript of this lovely Q&A:

Put your iTunes on shuffle. What is the first song that plays? ‘Don't Stop Believing’ by Journey

How old were you when you started swimming? 10

Favorite dinner meal: Mac and Cheese please!

If you were made into a movie, who would play you? Scarlett Johansson

Harry Potter fan? Oh yeah

Last movie you saw in theatres? Mama Mia

Name 3 things that annoy you:
1. Listening to people chew
2. Slackers
3. Dirty dishes

People are always surprised to hear: I'm kind of shy sometimes

If I wasn’t a swimmer I would be...A dodge ball player

I am obsessive about: Absolutely nothing

If you could be fluent in any other language what would it be?  Itallian

Life motto: Take chances.

Go Broncos!
-Tara Hahto


July 31, 2008


Swimming has been great here for the past few weeks, so much that I haven’t blogged in a while, oops! I’m really starting to feel the benefits of all the dry-land work I’ve been doing.  I’m really excited about the fly work I’ve been working on and have been doing some dive 50s that are pretty close to my best time.  I also added a bigger stretching regime into my program, particularly working on my ankles, since I need to improve the ‘5th stroke’ as I get back into racing yards.  

Speaking of swimming... I’m getting pretty excited to watch the Olympics! They are coming up so fast and I’m really looking forward to cheering for some of my old teammates as well as the rest of team Canada.

Outside of swimming has been fun also.  We did some ‘family bonding’ the other day and in true Hahto style, we opted for something a little different: a high ropes and zip line course!  I thought it was going to be maybe 45 minutes, but we ended up being up in the trees for a solid two and a half hours.  It was tons of fun, but my arms KILLED from all of the climbing we had to do.  The guy in front of me was pretty funny because he was terrified, but I guess to tone down his nerves he decided to flirt with the spotter on the ground who was not impressed.

So tomorrow I get to drive up to Quebec City, QC to watch the Tri-Nations Cup, which is a dual meet between Canada, France, and Great Britain’s national B teams, so I’ll post an update after that for sure.

Anyways, as promised, here is the little Q&A session I had with the one and only Paige LaPorte.

Favorite color: aqua (blue)
If your life were a book what would it be called?: Oh gosh... Live, Laugh, Love.
Most well known for: My height.
If you won the 28 million dollar lottery what is the first thing you would buy yourself: Some new PJs! Mine have a hole in them.
I am most proud of... (outside of swimming): My achievements in school.
Silicone or latex cap: Latex!
If I were an animal I would be: A dolphin.
Favorite fruit: Ooo toughie! Anything tropical... pineapple, coconut, mango. I can't choose.
Normal bedtime on school nights: 10:30 p.m.
People are always surprised to hear that: I've been to the South Pacific, especially Fiji.
Favorite actress: Julia Roberts
Favorite actor: George Clooney

Later Bronco fans,

July 22, 2008


The past few weeks have been pretty boring here in Ottawa...nothing much to report.  I finished up my last meet of the season so I’ve just been training hard trying to become a better all around athlete without having to worry about breaking the training block.  I have been biking and running a lot lately, trying to find other ways to keep in shape and improve my fitness levels.  Funny story: I went for a bike ride the other day and once I got to the ½ way point of my usual route I was still feeling pretty good so I figured I would keep going.  Mistake 1 was turning left instead of right because that took me the exact opposite way that I wanted to go.  Mistake 2 was not wearing sunscreen on my arms; don’t get me wrong, I didn’t burn, but now I have a wonderful jersey tan to add to my horrendously awkward tan line collection.  Mistake 3 was not bringing a water bottle because with about 20 minutes to go I was so dead that I could have used some good quality H20 to keep me going.  Mistake 4 was leaving through my garage without a house key or garage door opener.  I ended up having to climb through the window by our garden that had about a million mosquitoes waiting for me.  Anyways, I guess it all turned out to be fine because I survived the 2 and a half hour biking extravaganza and like they say: what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger...

Training is a lot different here than in Boise with Coach Kristin.  We do the most comprehensive warm up and warm down I’ve ever experienced.  We do less negative split work - it is a lot more ‘get up and race’ with a lot of dive efforts which I think is really going to help with my racing confidence.  Also, in Canada we generally don’t have yards pools, so I’ve been training in long course metres and short course metres, which makes swimming feel like a completely different sport.  I’ve competed in 3 meets and just finished my last one at the Olympic pool in Montreal, QC, which was the Canadian version of the US Grand Prix.  It was the same pool that I came home to compete in for Olympic Trials in April, but there were way less spectators for it, so it was a touch anti-climatic.  Speaking of Olympic Trials, it was really fun watching US trials on TV.  It was great how they made our sport into such a high profile event.  It was such a fast and inspiring meet, and I can’t wait to watch Beijing.

Anyway, reading about me for an entire summer will be quite monotonous (trust me) so I’m going to be doing a ‘lightning round’ with our incoming freshmen to spice things up a little and let everyone get to know some interesting particulars.

First up is South Dakota celebrity Morgan McLain:

Favorite swimmer: Nathalie Coughlin
Starbucks order: Green Tea Frappuccino with whip cream
Track or traditional start: Track
I am most well known for: my really blonde hair
Super power I wish I could have: I could grow fins...no wait...the power to heal
You’ve just won the 28 million dollar lottery.  What is the first thing you buy yourself? A vacation.
Where: Canada! Kidding ummm a vacation to Europe
I’m obsessive compulsive about: Nutrition
What is the first thing you notice about a person: smile

Until next time,

Tara Hahto

July 10, 2008

Hi!  My name is Tara Hahto, I’m going to be a sophomore at Boise State this fall.  My favorite colour is green and since living in America for the past year I’ve developed a fondness for the French toast sticks at a particular fast-food chain.  Swimming-wise, I’m a breaststroke-IMer from Canada.  I’m back to the homeland for the summer, but since last summer I’ve moved clear across the country to our capital of Ottawa, ON. I’ve been training with the Nepean Kanata Barracudas, which has an amazing history of excellence putting many swimmers onto the National team.  I’ve been training under Coach Dave and my father Mark (or Coach Padre, as I like to call him) and for the past 6 weeks I’ve pretty much gotten my butt kicked up and down the pool, which only bodes well for next season. We’ve had a big contingency of girls back who, like me, call America our second home.  They’re back from all over the map from schools such as UNLV, Purdue, Northwestern, Oakland, and Hawaii, which makes for a pretty awesome atmosphere to train in.  It turns out that one of my biggest competitors at practice is also one of my biggest competitors in our conference: Hawaii breaststroke superstar Brie de Palezieux and it’s been fun to turn to the lane beside me during the main set and be like “yo, Hawaii you’re going down” and have a mini WAC dual meet.

Life has been pretty much revolving around swimming, but we did just celebrate Canada day on the 1st, which (next to flag day) is definitely my favorite holiday.  I went downtown to our Parliament building during the day to watch Paul Brandt perform and hear our Governor General talk, went to practice, then had a BBQ and came back to Parliament Hill to watch fireworks and appreciate my glorious homeland with some of the girls from the team here, as well as the rest of the sea of red and white that came.  It was a really fun day that I’m sure is quite comparable to the 4th of July.  Nice to break the routine a little bit and have a day to just hang out with friends.

Tara Hahto (#24)







By Nathalie Rohling who is from Highland, Indiana.  Nathalie swims sprint and middle distance freestyle as a freshman for the Broncos.  She plans to major in the sciences and is currently thinking about going into the nursing program at Boise State.


January 25, 2008
Our spring semester of classes started this past Tuesday, so along with swimming we now have classes and study hall hours.  It is kind of nice to be back in a routine but those 5:30 morning practices are not as welcomed.  Training is getting pretty hard but we know it is going to pay off at conference.  It will be a new experience for eighteen of us but the whole team is ready to show people how quickly a new swim program can improve.   
One of the most exciting things happening this weekend is our meet on Saturday.  It is against our rival school
U of I (Idaho).  A few of the girls got together one night to make shirts and signs for the big rivalry.  It is also our first senior night.  Jennifer Dorling, LiAnne Choitz, Holly Chatelain, and Alyssa Daly are all graduating by the end of this year.  Although we are really sad to see them go, it is exciting to see them move on to a different stage of their lives.  Finally, this weekend, six of our own Bronco football players are having a "dive off" during the meet.  It should be pretty interesting to see their one and a halves.  The meet should be really fun and all the girls are looking forward to swimming fast. This weekend will be amazing but after the meet, all of our swimming attention will be focused on conference.  We can't wait for either of them! 

January 14, 2008
So much has happened since the first semester of school ended.   Saturday, December 22nd all the girls on the team packed up their things for a 10 day trip back home.  Everyone had so much fun hanging out with their family and friends.  It was a good break and even though everyone was at home, training continued and all the girls kept working really hard. 
January 1st most of us flew into the Boise airport to get ready for our training trip to California.  It was good to see everyone on the team.  A few of the girls talked about how much they loved being home but missed Boise at the same time.  Since school still had not started and the dorms were closed, all the underclassmen stayed the night at some of the older girls houses. 
The next morning we took an early flight to San Diego, California.  Once we got the rental vans packed up with all of our things, we drove about an hour to Irvine, California.  We got a chance to practice long course meters at the University of California, Irvine.  It was a new experience for some of the girls who had never swam long course before.  In between practices we took short trips to Newport Beach Harbor and Laguna Beach.  One of our freshman representatives came up with the idea for all of us to build sand castles on the beach.  The girls got really creative in the sand castle contest.  After training well and competing hard (both in the water and in the sand castle contest), the coaches rewarded us with a trip to Sea World in San Diego.  It was a fun day!  We got to see Shamu, dolphins, sting rays, and all sorts of other animals. 
Along with getting us free tickets to Sea World, Andrea Thiltgen's family hosted the team for a dinner once we arrived in San Diego.  We had an amazing dinner, played games, and watched a slide show of pictures that were taken at one of our meets.  After we swam against USD and SDSU we packed up our things one more time.  We flew to Reno, Nevada for the last meet of our training trip. 
These past few weeks have been amazing.  We swam really well and trained hard in the warm Cali sun.  Now that we are back in Boise, we are training and getting ready for our last two home meets.  One against New Mexico State and another against U of I.  After that we will be gearing up for conference.  Go Broncos! 

December 6, 2007
We just returned from Seattle where we all had the opportunity to swim with NCAA championship swimmers at this years Husky Invitational. It was a great learning experience where we could analyze nationally ranked swimmers stokes and techniques. It was also a fun meet where some of us got to visit with friends and family that were there to support us.

This was our first three day meet of the season. It allowed us to get ready for the WAC Championship meet, which has the same three day format. It was a nice meet for all of us to focus on our swims. All of the usual distractions were not in Seattle and we could rest, relax, and swim. It made it possible for a good majority of the girls to go life-time bests, while others had many season bests. One of those amazing swims came from sophomore Katyle LoFland, who was named WAC swimmer of the week. She is currently rank number one in the mile in our conference. All of the girls cheered her on for the whole 17 minutes and some odd seconds and congratulated her on her accomplishment afterwards. It was an exciting meet all around.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is drawing closer, we are excited to go home, visit with everyone, and then return for our training trip to California. A lot of the girls are ready for the warm weather and outdoor pools. It will be nice to get away from the academic stress one last time before school starts again. The girls that are originally from California are ready to show us all around. A few stops to some local restaurants are already planned!

The girls on the team would like to thank all of our sponsors for sending donations. This is allowing us to improve the pool and our program. Each day more and more come in and we appreciate them so much. Thanks to all of you!


November 15, 2007 

This past weekend we swam against College of Idaho and Mesa State.  We swam very well and moved our record to 5-3. It was a fun meet and it gave us another chance to get ready for this upcoming weekend's meet against Utah. The girls on the team decided to do secret swimmer for this meet. Everyone picked a piece of paper with another one of the girls names on it. Each of us wrote the other person a short, inspiration, anonymous note for the meet. It was fun to read what the other girls had to say to each other!
We also got a lot accomplished during our team meeting this week. We sent letters to boosters about our program and how we can raise money for different things for the team. We also decided to put up an inspirational board in the locker room. Each time one of us see someone at practice go above and beyond we can write them a little note and put it up on the board. Kristin and Laurel are really creating an awesome environment for all of us to succeed. We have spent a lot of this week working on specifics while in our main sets. We have also been video taping at the end of practices to see where we have improved and what we still need to work on.
Another great thing about this week is how Thanksgiving is drawing closer, the countdowns have reached single digits and many of the girls are ready to go home for the long weekend. Most of us haven't been home since before we left for school in August. Some of the girls on the team are going to stay in Boise over the holiday. Older teammates, Kristin, and Laurel are making sure that everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. A few challenges have already been made for who can eat the most turkey and stuffing.
Although things are getting tough in and out of the pool, with classes fitting in things before break and hard practices, the girls are all still so positive. We train hard but we have fun doing it.  We're excited for our trip to Utah this weekend. 


October 23, 2007

All the girls had a really good week in the water.  We had our first WAC conference dual meet against San Jose State last weekend.  Friday night the girls really stepped up!  Many of us were nervous but we came together as a team.  The divers did really well and all of the swimmers followed right behind their great performance.  Our splits were really good and our final times were even faster.  The team came away with a lot of individual first place finishes to help the team to our first win against a team in our conference.  After the meet we all went out to eat at Smokey Mountain Pizzeria.  We all laughed and joked around about things that happened during the past week.  All the girls also talked about the second meet we had against San Jose on Saturday.  For a lot of us it would be our first relay meet of our careers.
Saturday was a lot of fun but you could see that we were all really drained from Friday.  It came down to the last relay.  Four of us on each relay had to do a 25 yard freestyle.  San Jose just out raced us to come up on top.  Even though we didn't do as well as the first day all the girls had a good time and the meet was a close one.
Even though the two meets were a lot of fun the rest of the weekend and this week have been really serious.  On Sunday night one of our teammates went to the hospital with stomach pains.  Last night they determined she had appendicitis and she had surgery today.  Many of us visited her in the hospital and tried to make her as comfortable as possible.  She tried her hardest to make the best of it and never complained.  She even laughed about a few things with us.  We all love her so much and know that she will recover well!!


October 16, 2007

This past weekend we had our first Division I swim meet.  Friday we woke up, ate breakfast with the team, and got ready for our flight to Denver, Colorado.  Before the meet we relaxed in Fort Collins at Barnes & Nobles and a few of the girls napped in the rental vans.  After some good R&R, we got ready to swim against Colorado State University.
It was a new experience for a majority of the girls on the team.  Coach Kristin and Coach Laurel knew just what to say to us before the first races of the day.  We were ready to swim!  The girls cheered on Tara Hahto to Boise States first ever first place finish against some strong CSU breaststrokers.  Alli Hall also had a great swim, finishing in a close second in the 200 fly, and Jenny Nowatzke was within .10 of a win in the 50 free.  Everyone was so excited throughout the whole meet and cheered on all the swimmers and divers till the very end.  We might not have won the meet but it was a great learning experience and we all had to refocus for our next meet on Saturday.
The next morning, all decked out in our blue warm-ups and grey swimming and diving shirts, we got in the vans and drove to the Air Force Academy.  Even with the altitude difference we all swam very well.  We ended up winning our first meet against another division I school.  We beat the Air Force Academy and Colorado School of Mines.  All the girls were so pumped up.
We finished the weekend at a shopping mall near the Air Force Academy.  After dinner at Panera Bread we shopped a little and just hung out till our flight later that night.  They just happened to have the most amazing cinnamon crunch bagels that we all had for dessert.  It was really fun and we all loved just being together for the weekend.
Over all it was a really fun experience.  I think that we all really learned a lot from it.  It brought us even closer together as a team and we all can't wait to set new records, learn new dives, and just improve as a whole.  All the girls are ready for this next weekend.  We have a home meet against San Jose State and we can't wait to see how fast we will be!  



October 10, 2007 

We have really grown as a team since the first Friday back in August when we all moved into our apartments and dorms.  When we first got here all of us were divided into specific groups; 18 freshman, 2 girls that had transfered from other schools, and 6 returners.  In just a few weeks, however, a new team has really formed at Boise, there are now 26 swimmers and divers, friends, and teammates.  Although each of us are from different places across North America, all of us came here for the same reason; to swim or dive for Boise State University and to make memories that will last a life time.  It is an amazing thing to watch and be apart of a team that has become so close in such a short time.


There have been a lot of highlights in these past few weeks at Boise.  During our first recruiting weekend, all the girls met up in one of the dorm's common rooms to get ready for the homecoming game against Wyoming.  Just to show our team spirit, we painted our arms, legs, and faces orange and blue. Of course the Bronco's came away with another victory.


The next weekend we drove to the Payette River for a rafting and camping trip.  It was a little cold and rainy but we definitely made the best of it. After we spent some time setting up our own tents from the rec center, we played red rover red rover, swam in the hot springs, and made s'mores by the camp fire!  The best part of the weekend would have to be when we divided into four groups to each come up with some team cheers.  A good old s-p-i-r-i-t cheer and dance had to be one of the best - it was so good it even helped earn $300 dollars in donations at the Make A Wish Foundation dinner that we participated in this past week.


This past Saturday we had an intersquad meet at the West YMCA.  All the girls, coaches, and trainers were split into two teams; orange vs. blue.  Not only was there a competition to see who could swim the fastest, but also who could cheer the loudest.  The blue team made a grand entrance wearing ratty, vintage dresses and wigs that they had picked up from a local thrift store.  The orange team enter the pool with shorts, vests, and capes from the dollar store.  All the girls swam fast and cheered loud - we all really showed our Bronco spirit.  A few of the girls swam their best times, dropping more than 10 seconds in a single event and even more were right on or around their best times.  I would have to say that we all really enjoyed the meet and it really got us pumped up for the rest of the season.


This next weekend we have our first meet against Colorado State.  All the girls are really excited and ready to see what we can do in the water.  It will be a new experience for most of the team but we have an amazing group of girls that will be there for everyone and help out.  I know that Laurel and Kristin are also really ready to see what we can when we are racing against other swimmers.  The team is ready to improve together and work hard to get ready for conference.

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