Springboard Diving Preview

Springboard Diving
David Legler begins his second year as diving coach at Boise State, and his wealth of knowledge and high-level experience is already paying big dividends. Senior Tana Loan, junior Amanda Burnett and sophomore Lexi Pfeiffer showed great strides in the first full season of diving for each of them. In addition to building the confidence and skills of three former gymnasts on the springboard, Legler will work with freshman Ciera Cortney who brings a vast diving background to the program.

Coach Legler's Take: "Over the summer we really focused on the 3-meter for all of the girls, and getting their degree of difficulty (DD) higher. They all learned at least three new dives at 3-meter. On the 1-meter, we just cleaned things up, because they all already had a pretty good 1-meter list. This year we will definitely be a lot more competitive on 3-meter than we were last year. Our incoming freshman, Ciera, had a great summer of training and qualified for age-group nationals at the 1-meter and 3-meter. She will have a pretty big impact on the team right off the bat. She will definitely be our top springboard diver. Lexi showed the most improvement over the summer, not just learning new dives, but overall turning the corner from being a gymnast to being a diver. She became a lot more confident in her diving. Tana's 3-meter got a lot better over the summer. She learned nearly a whole new 3-meter list. Her increased DD on 3-meter is really going to help her. She is already a very clean diver. Amanda also really raised her DD in the 3-meter, and that will make her more competitive there, to go along with her tower diving."

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