Meet Soccer's Kaylea Perenon...

Meet Soccer’s Kaylea Perenon...

#29  ●  Senior  ●  Midfielder  ●  Oakland, California (Bishop O’Dowd HS)

Over the next two weeks we will be introducing the seniors of Boise State's soccer team to you.


First up is Kaylea Perenon, she is one of three seniors on this year’s Bronco soccer team and the only one that will have played all four of her collegiate seasons at Boise State. Kaylea has been an impact player since arriving on campus during the summer of 2006. The Oakland, Calif., native is a mainstay in the Boise State midfield where she has started in 38 of the 58 matches played. Entering her senior campaign Perenon, who has recorded five career goals and four assists, is once again expected to factor into the Broncos’ starting lineup. 

Following are nine questions that we asked her during this summer’s two-a-days. We hope that this will give a little insight to Bronco Nation as to who Kaylea is as a person and student-athlete. 


Q:  How do you feel about your experience at Boise State so far? What has stood out?
A:  I think my experience at Boise State has been the biggest growing time in my life since I can remember. I first came here very homesick and if I was given the chance to go home, I would have been gone. But with the support of my family, coaches, teammates, and many others within the Boise State athletic department, I realized how lucky and special this experience would be for me. And if I left, I would regret it one day. I couldn’t thank everyone enough, and I am glad I stayed because I wouldn’t have all the memories I have, nor would I have met all the people I have throughout my time here.

Q:  Do you feel any extra pressure this season being one of the three seniors?
A:  I don’t feel any more pressure than I have throughout my time here. I know that we have a small class, but I think that numbers aren’t what is important. The importance comes from how each of us takes our roles as seniors, which are all different. There is some anxiousness with getting the season started as far as games go.

Q:  With “collegiate soccer” checked off on your list of goals, what other things do you want to accomplish/experience in life after college?
A:  Graduating is first on the list. Then graduate school and just finding my way. I want to be able to travel outside of the country at some point, but that’s not on my immediate list.

Q:  What would be your storybook ending to your Boise State soccer career?
A:  Winning the WAC and getting a ring.

Q:  What has been the biggest difference moving from the youth to college game, and how have you made that transition?
A: The physicality and speed of the game. I have always thought that I was muscular enough to not have to lift weights. So I never did in high school. But once I got up here and saw how strong the upperclassmen were, I realized that getting in the weight room as soon as possible was important for me.

Q:  What have you learned in your three years in the college game that you did not expect initially?
A: I think I have learned the importance that weight lifting has on endurance and the ability to make me a better player altogether. Like I mentioned earlier, I did not know that I would be lifting the volume and as often as we do. I can’t imagine where I would be if I did not lift throughout my career here.

Q:  What has been your most memorable on-field moment at Boise State so far?
A: I think my freshman year when I scored the winning goal against Eastern Washington in the last couple seconds of the game. That was still during a time when I was really homesick. But at that moment I felt like nothing could stop me. I was on cloud nine.

Q:  What has been the best advice that a veteran player has ever given you and by whom?
A: Nicky Tadman was always looking out for me especially my freshman year. We had a lot in common and I felt comfortable being around her. She gave me a lot of advice pertaining to keeping myself from wanting to go home. She knows how much I appreciated it. As bad as that year was, looking back, it really was good for me.

Q:  What is the one piece of advice you would give a young soccer player out there who has dreams of playing in college?
A: Work as hard as you can. Put yourself in the best situations to get better. There will be times when it seems impossible, but if this is what you really want and its realistic for you then don’t let anyone stop you.

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