Soccer Unveils Coaches Club Membership Opportunities
April 9, 2015

Premier League Coaches Club Brochure

Boise State women's soccer introduces a new way for fans to support the program and for the team to connect with the community. The Premier League Coaches Club is the best way to become part of the Bronco soccer family. Joining is easy and starts at just $100 to be a Goal Line level member.

How to Join
  • Mail
    Return a completed registration card attached to the club brochure and mail to:
    Bronco Athletic Association
    1910 University Dr
    Boise, ID 83725-1020
  • Online
    Visit and click Give Now.
  • Questions?
    Bronco Athletic Association

    Head Coach Jim Thomas

Membership Benefits
  • Goal Line
    $100 level

    -Discounts on Academy
    -Tax Deduction & Priority Points
    -Meet the Team Event
    -Training T-Shirt
  • Premier League
    $1000 level

    All benefits of Goal Line level plus:
    -Access to Practice
    -Special Credential for Pregame Access
    -Annual Member Gift
    -Reserved Seating
    -Coaches Apparel
  • Other Benefits
    -Special Shoot-A-Rounds
    -Bench Access for a Game
    -Pregame Scouting Report
    -Much More to Come!

"This is a great opportunity for fans and supporters to be part of what we believe is the highest-profile soccer program in the state of Idaho," said head coach Jim Thomas. "There are soccer lovers in this area and this state and the coaches club is the perfect way for them get involved. We know they're out there. They've been beating down our door."

The club aims to bring together soccer fans and Bronco boosters, creating a group who wants to see the sport flourish not only at the university, but in the Treasure Valley and the Gem State. Those who join will be rewarded with unique access and opportunities.

"Now we have a way to reach so many different groups," said Thomas. "This club is a great fit for our awesome alumnae, for our fans, families, community members and anybody who wants to see the college soccer experience reach its full potential at Boise State."

Funds raised through the coaches club will be prioritized for two major projects:

1. Stadium Lights
The program is looking to add lights to the Boas Soccer Complex. This improvement would allow the Broncos to move their weekday games from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., making it easier for fans to attend and providing student-athletes with more freedom in their class schedules and internship opportunities. Lights would also increase the likelihood of enticing major soccer events in the community to the facility.

2. Foreign Tour
Boise State women's soccer is planning a foreign tour during the summer of 2016. The Broncos would travel to Spain and France, taking in the rich soccer tradition of the region, practicing and playing matches along the way and experiencing new cultures as Boise State athletics continues to strive to provide a well-rounded experience.

"Boise State has such a great following for all of its sports and we want to expand on that with the great soccer community in our area," said Thomas. "In return for that support, we're offering an incredible amount of insight to our family. Our coaches and student-athletes are also excited about the opportunity to become a bigger part of the community and give back to the people who make Boise and Boise State special."

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