Spring Training Update
If you are in the downtown Boise area and have an affection for 5:45 a.m. mornings (or nights?), or sub-freezing temperatures, you may have been surprised to witness a mass of uniformly dressed women sprinting down Broadway street last Monday, January 28th. Contrary to initial assumptions, this was not a shoe sale or prison getaway. Though I venture you have to be a little crazy to partake in something like this--and a lot crazier to come up with it (Jim). Instead, this was your very own Boise State Women's soccer team, experiencing the perks of spring conditioning. 

We are nearing the end of the spring workouts and will soon enter into team training and preparation for spring matches. Until then, I know you all wonder about your favorite Bronco soccer player (parents), so hopefully these images can offer some insight (simply insert your child/favorite Bronco soccer player's face instead while viewing):

Here she is, getting dressed for conditioning & weights in the morning:

How she sees her legs after conquering a stair workout:

And here she is trying to get up from her post-workout nap:

I apologize for not having more pictures, though I assure you apart from studying, and dreaming up a celebration to the 2013 Mountain West championship, you can find your Bronco as you see her in the last image, just as spritely as ever.

Looking forward to updating you soon,

Ashley Hruby

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