McGregor to Compete at World Championships
Oct. 2, 2017

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Sophomore Courtney McGregor will represent New Zealand this week at the 2017 FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Montreal, Canada starting on Wednesday, Oct. 4 at the Montreal Olympic Stadium. McGregor will start with the women’s subdivision 4 qualifications at 2 p.m. (MT) on Wednesday.

A competitor at the 2016 Olympic Games, this week’s competition will mark her second major international competition as a member of the Boise State gymnastics team. caught up with McGregor before she left to Montreal:


You competed in the 2016 Olympics and the 2014 World Championships, so this will be your third go-around at a major international meet like this. How does that help you?

“It’s exciting and I think it will be fun. Last time I was alone, and this time there are three other girls from New Zealand coming, so that will be exciting. I can sort of show them the way and be a leader this time. Last time I was the youngest on the New Zealand Olympic team, and even though this time it’s not a multi-sport competition, I’ll still be the oldest and the most experienced.”

Do you anticipate less nerves this time around?

“Yeah at the Olympics I was so nervous and all I could think about was every person that I’ve ever gone to school with and everyone I knew was going to be watching. That was hard to deal with, but I think the World Championships won’t be like that. It’s all the gymnastics fans watching and it’s not quite as big, so hopefully not as many nerves this time.”

You just alluded to it, but do you have a natural sense of pride for not just New Zealand, but everyone you have encountered along the way of your gymnastics journey?

“Yeah, it’s crazy to think about all of the things that had to line up and fall into place for me to make it and have a good competition on the day in Rio, so it’s kind of mind-boggling to think about how many people had a role in that.”

Very few people know what it feels like to represent their country in an international competition like the Olympics or the World Championships. How would you describe that feeling?

“It’s the most amazing feeling. Especially at the Olympics when it’s a multi-sport event, you get welcomed into the team. With the New Zealand team, all of the guys would do the Haka and welcome you into the team, so that’s really special. It’s an amazing team dynamic and such a sense of pride to represent your country.”

You’ve been around elite-level gymnastics for a while, and now that you’ve had a season of NCAA Gymnastics under your belt, what are the biggest differences between the two?

“In elite, the routines are packed with a lot more skills, so it’s more about endurance and trying to get through those routines, where in college you’re trying to do things perfectly. You’re obviously still trying to do that in elite, but it’s a lot harder with more difficult skills. Also, the team aspect in NCAA and doing it all for the team – that’s a lot of fun. In elite it’s a little lonelier doing it by yourself every day, so those are the main differences.”

How has training under the Bronco coaching staff helped you in this past year?

“They’ve definitely helped me clean up all of my skills and execution. That was something I definitely needed to work on, and still need to work on. Hopefully I can implement some of that at Worlds and put forth some clean routines.”

It looked like you were working a new floor routine in practice the other day. Talk about what your different routines that we’ll see at the World Championships.

“I got a new floor routine when I went home because you have to have four tumbling passes in elite, rather than just three in NCAA, so it was easier just to get a new one rather than trying to change something that I already had. I’ll be doing the same vaults that I did in Rio (Yurchenko Double and a Half-on Pike Half), and the same bar routine and basically the same beam routine that I did in Rio.”

What are your goals and expectations for the World Championships?

“It would be really cool to make a final, but I’m not going into it with that being my only goal because you can’t just focus on the results, because it won’t go your way. I’m just trying to do my routines the best that I can and see what happens from there.”

Last year the team won its third-straight conference title and earned a No. 2 seed at an NCAA Regional for the first time in program history. What should Bronco fans expect from this year’s team?

“This year’s team is going to be a lot of fun. We have five new freshmen and they’re all really fun and amazing, so I think it will be another record-breaking year hopefully.”

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