Bronco Gymnastics Gears Up for NCAA South Central Region Championships

The No. 16-ranked Boise State gymnastics team will head to Norman, Oklahoma for the NCAA South Central Region Championships hosted by the University of Oklahoma on Saturday, April 12. The Broncos hold the No. 3 seed in the region, sitting behind No. 4-ranked Arkansas and No. 10-ranked Oklahoma. No. 19-ranked Arizona State, a team the Broncos have already beaten this year, No. 24 Illinois, and No. 36 Southeast Missouri State will round out the six-team region.

Tickets for the 2008 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics South Central Regional are available through the OU Athletics Ticket Office. Purchase online or call (405) 325-2424 or toll-free (800) 456-GoOU. Ticket prices will be as follows: $10 - Adults | $5 - Youth (Ages 3-18). Group tickets are also available for $5 apiece for groups of 10 or more. Please call 405-325-7513 to order group tickets.

Live stats for the NCAA South Central Region Championships will be available at or at the region championship website: NO WEBCASTS WILL BE AVAILABLE.

The top two teams and the top two all-around competitors (who are not on an advancing team) from each regional will receive an automatic berth to the national championships in Athens, Georgia, April 24-26, hosted by the University of Georgia.

In addition, the event winners at the regional championships will advance to the national championships (in that event only) if they are not part of a qualifying team or the all-around qualifiers.

The Boise State gymnastics team enters the regional championships as the highest seed (#3) in school history. The Broncos are coming off of their first-ever WAC Championship which they captured on March 29 in Boise.

The Broncos rank tied for No. 12 as a team on bars, No. 14 on floor, No. 18 on vault, and No. 24 in the nation on beam. Boise State will rely heavily on the leadership of Lindsay Ward and Hannah Redmon, who have been top competitors for the Broncos all season. Redmon holds four top-100 national rankings, including: tied for No. 21 on vault and floor, tied for No. 51 on bars, and No. 40 in the all-around. Ward holds two rankings: tied for No. 12 on bars and tied for No. 44 on beam. Taylor Jacob ties for No. 23 on bars while Sarah Smith is tied for No 70 on floor. Amy Glass sits at No. 90 on vault while Shaniece Craft is tied for No. 98 in the event.

Alabama: Ranked No. 4 nationally, the Crimson Tide also hold the No. 3 spot on floor, No. 4 spot on vault, are No. 8 on bars, and No. 9 on beam.

Arizona State: Holding the No. 19 ranking, the Sun Devils also rank as high as No. 14 on beam, No. 25 on vault, No. 26 on floor, and No. 28 on bars.

Illinois: The Fighting Illini hold the No. 24 spot in the national rankings. They rank as high as No. 19 on bars, as well as No. 23 on vault, No. 30 on beam, and No. 32 on floor.

Oklahoma: The Sooners are ranked No. 10 nationally. They hold the No. 6 spots on beam and floor while holding the nation’s No. 10 spot on vault and bars.

Southeast Missouri State: Ranking No. 36, the Redhawks hold their highest ranking on floor at No. 29. They also rank No. 32 on vault, No. 43 on bars, and No. 45 on beam.

EVENT BREAKDOWN: (Top-100 ranked region competitors in each event)
Vault: 5. Kayla Hoffman, Alabama; T8. Kiara Redmond-Sturms, Oklahoma; 12. Morgan Dennis, Alabama; T21. Hannah Redmon, Boise State and Ricki Lebegern, Alabama; T40. Ashlee Hinkle, Arizona State; T46. Allison Buckley, Illinois-Champaign; T61. Mary Mantle, Oklahoma; T65. Casey Overton, Alabama; T68. Brittany Magee, Alabama and Brianna Gaddie, S.E. Missouri; T78. Beate’ Jones, Arizona State and DeAvera Todd, Illinois-Chicago; 90. Amy Glass, Boise State; T96. Kassi Price, Alabama; T98. Shaniece Craft, Boise State.

Bars: T3. Kassi Price, Alabama; T12. Lindsay Ward, Boise State; 17. Kiara Redmond-Sturms, Oklahoma; T23. Taylor Jacob, Boise State; T28. Hollie Vise, Oklahoma; T33. Courtney Arno-Templet, Texas Women’s University, and Kayla Hoffman, Alabama; T42. Nicole Harris, Arizona State; T51. Hannah Redmon, Boise State; T67. Tiana Jean, Arizona State; T76. Sarah Schmidt, Illinois-Champaign, Ashley Jackson, Oklahoma, and Kaitlin White, Alabama; T88. Morgan Dennis, Alabama; T100. Tia Orlando, Arizona State.

Beam: 5. Haley DeProspero, Oklahoma; T15. Hollie Vise, Oklahoma, and Julie Crall, Illinois-Champaign; T22. Kiara Redmond-Sturms, Oklahoma; T32. Casey Overton, Alabama; 36. Allison Buckley, Illinois-Champaign; T37. Brittany Magee, Alabama; T40. Morgan Dennis, Alabama; T44. Stephanie LoPiccolo, Oklahoma, Lindsay Ward, Boise State, Tia Orlando, Arizona State, and Ricki Lebegern, Alabama; T51. Ashlee Hinkle, Arizona State, and Courtney Arno-Templet, Texas Women’s University; 60. Tiana Jean, Arizona State; T74. Jennifer Naughton, Northern Illinois; T79. Kassi Price, Alabama.

Floor: T2. Kiara Redmond-Sturms, Oklahoma; 4. Morgan Dennis, Alabama; 18. Kayla Hoffman, Alabama; T21. Hannah Redmon, Boise State, and Allison Buckley, Illinois-Champaign; T25. Kassi Price, Alabama; T30. Jacqueline Flanery, Oklahoma; T36. Ashley Jackson, Oklahoma; T53. Ricki Lebegern, Alabama; T70. Sarah Smith, Boise State, Sandra Blake, S.E. Missouri, and Ashlee Hinkle, Arizona State; T79. Jessica Kinder and Haley DeProspero, Oklahoma; T85. Kaitlin White, Alabama; T94. Sarah Murray, Illinois-Champaign.

All-Around: 3. Kiara Redmond-Sturms, Oklahoma; 8. Morgan Dennis, Alabama; 13. Kassi Price, Alabama; 28. Allison Buckley, Illinois-Champaign; 32. Ricki Lebegern, Alabama; 40. Hannah Redmon, Boise State; 47. Haley DeProspero, Oklahoma; T49. Tiana Jean, Arizona State; 52. Sandra Blake, S.E. Missouri; T74. Nicole Cowart, Illinois-Champaign; 80. Rikara Turner, S.E. Missouri; 84. Francesca Mercurio, Arizona State; 90. Beate’ Jones, Arizona State.

VAULT: All the line-ups will likely mirror what was done at the WAC Championships with Hannah Redmon leading the way on vault. Amy Glass, Lindsay Ward, Shaniece Craft, Amber Neroes and Ruthie Pennington will likely round out the corps.

BARS: Ward, Taylor Jacob, Redmon, Cassie Tycast, Mallory Dziawura, and Neroes will be a solid group of competitors on bars for the Broncos.

BEAM: Ward, Jacob, Neroes, Kelsey Lang, Redmon, and Glass will be the probable competitors on beam.

FLOOR: Redmon and Sarah Smith will lead the line-up along with Lang, Yvette Leizorek, Jacob, and Glass to help round out the line-up.

ALL AROUND: The WAC all-around champion, Redmon, will likely be the only all-around competitor for the Broncos.

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