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Rotation 6 - Vault (End) - 8:57 p.m.

WOW! What a rotation! Each one of the six Broncos either tied or set a new career best!

Sarah Smith started out, tying her career-best with a 9.850.

Brittany Potvin-Green was up next, scoring a 9.875 to set a new career-best.

Amy Glass scores a 9.925 for a career best.

Hannah Redmon earned a 9.975 for a career best and an event win!!! She is going to Nationals folks!

Hailey Gaspar earned a 9.950 for a career best.

And Yvette Leizorek earned a 9.825 to tie her career best.

As a team the Broncos scored a 49.575 on vault to crush the previous school record team score on vault of 49.350 set in 2009.

Rotation 5 (END) - 8:36 p.m.

Sarah Smith and Hannah Redmon closed out floor with BEAUTIFUL routines! Smith scored a 9.825 and Redmon a 9.90.

Final team scores after the rotation are as follows:

1. Utah, 196.90
2. Washington, 195.075
3. Florida, 148.10
4. Denver, 147.050
5. Boise State, 146.375
6. Auburn, 146.175

The Broncos are on to vault... one of their STRONGEST events!


Floor Exercise - Rotation 5 - 8:29 p.m.

Four Broncos have gone on floor:
Hailey Gaspar - 9.750
Kelsey Lang - 9.650
Amy Glass - 9.50
Yvette Leizorek - 9.775

The Broncos are challenged with a VERY loud Utah crowd to hear their music, but are doing beautifully!

Rotation 5 (START) - 8:13 p.m.

Before we start Rotation 5, here are the updated team scores after four rotations:

1. Utah, 147.550
2. Denver, 147.050
3. Auburn, 146.175
4. Washington, 146.150
5. Florida, 98.675
6. Boise State, 97.475

Rotation 4 (END) - 8:05 p.m.

The fifth rotation is just beginning and the Broncos are coming off of a bye before floor. They will compete on floor in Rotation 5 and on vault in Rotation 6.


Rotation 3 - Team Results - 7:40 p.m.

1. Flordia, 98.675
2. Utah, 98.425
3. Denver, 97.975
4. Auburn, 97.650
5. Boise State, 97.475
6. Washington, 96.80

Balance Beam - Rotation 3 Complete - 7:35 p.m.

Kelsey Lang scored a 9.775 as well to close out the Bronco line-up on beam.

The team score is a 48.775 on beam and a 97.475 overall. Their beam score ties for their fourth-best effort on the event this season and marks the fifth-best score by Boise State at any NCAA regional.


Balance Beam - 7:30 p.m.

Hailey Gaspar had an excellent routine, earning a 9.775 while Lindsay Kazandjian scored a 9.775 as well. Kelsey Lang is up and is the Broncos' final competitor on the event.

Balance Beam - 7:21 p.m.

Amy Glass and Taylor Jacob were up first for the Broncos with Amy scoring a 9.775 and Taylor earning a 9.675 to start off. Mallory Dziawura is on right now and looking crisp!

Rotation 2 Complete - Team Score Update - 7:12 p.m.

Here are the updated team scores:

1. Utah, 98.425
2. Washington, 96.80
3. Florida, 49.175
4. Auburn, 48.875
5. Denver, 48.775
6. Boise State, 48.70

Boise State now moves on to balance beam for Rotation 3 and they are looking solid in their warm-ups!

Uneven Bars - 7:02 p.m.

The Broncos are done with bars. They finished up with a 9.850 from Taylor Jacob and a 9.675 from Lindsay Kazandjian, who both STUCK their landings!

The team now has a 48.70 score. It is their ninth best score of the season on the event as a team. It is also the fifth best team score on the event at an NCAA Regional for Boise State.


Uneven Bars - 6:56 p.m.

The Broncos look excited. Their adrenaline is pumping and they are showing a few wabbles because of their excitement.

Here is how they have done so far:

Katie Tuller - 9.400
Mallory Dziawura - 9.725
Amy Glass - 9.625
Hannah Redmon - 9.825

Saturday, April 10 - 6:40 p.m.

The first rotation is over. Broncos are coming off their bye and will begin their competition on bars.

Now the fun begins!

Here are the standings from the first rotation:

1. Utah, 49.125
2. Auburn, 48.875
3. Denver, 48.775
4. Washington 48.650
-- Boise State
-- Florida

Saturday, April 10 - 5:05 p.m.

We are at the Huntsman Center at the University of Utah and are in the middle of warm-ups. The Broncos look fresh and ready to go! There are a lot of smiling faces from the team as well, showing that they are relaxed and having fun!

Tonight's rotation order for the Broncos will be: Bye before bars, Bars, Beam, Bye before floor, Floor and then Vault.

We have just been handed the tentative lineups for tonight and Boise State's is as follows (there may be changes just before each event):

1. Sarah Smith
2. Brittney Potvin-Green
3. Amy Glass
4. Hannah Redmon
5. Hailey Gaspar
6. Yvette Leizorek

1. Katie Tuller
2. Mallory Dziawura
3. Amy Glass
4. Hannah Redmon
5. Taylor Jacob
6. Lindsay Kazandjian

1. Amy Glass
2. Taylor Jacob
3. Mallory Dziawura
4. Hailey Gaspar
5. Lindsay Kazandjian
6. Kelsey Lang

1. Hailey Gaspar
2. Kelsey Lang
3. Amy Glass
4. Yvette Leizorek
5. Sarah Smith
6. Hannah Redmon

We're ready to roll! Here we go Broncos!

Saturday, April 10 - 2:45 p.m.

The team had a nice relaxing morning where they took a walk and had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We are just getting ready to head to the arena.

The mood has been excited and anxious to compete, but in a good way. They are all in good moods and don't seem to be too nervous for tonight's competition.

More updates will come from the arena.


Friday, April 9 - 8:45 p.m.

We are ready to roll! The team had their afternoon practice at the Huntsman Center and looked awesome. They were crisp, clean and confident. They are ready to take on the region tomorrow.

Not only did they look great in their practice session, but they are also all in very good spirits and are all mentally ready to take on the competition tomorrow.

They had a great, relaxing day with a little study period, lunch and then practice, followed by a good dinner at a place called "Noodles" to carbo-load before tomorrow's meet.

All of the opponents who were in the same practice session and even some other team's parents were commenting on how great our team looked. Boise State is ready for an awesome competition tomorrow.

Check back for updates throughout the competition for news on each of the events.

Go Broncos!
Friday, April 9 - 10 a.m.

After our first night in Salt Lake City, the team looked well rested and ready to go this morning. Everyone is in good spirits and is excited for the day's activities.

After breakfast, the team has a two-hour study period, followed by lunch. Around 3 p.m. today we will head over to the Huntsman Center on the campus of the University of Utah to get ready for our scheduled 4 p.m. practice session.

An update on practice will come this sure to check back!

Thursday, April 8 - 7 p.m.

We are in Salt Lake City and ready for the 2010 NCAA Regional competition held here at the University of Utah.

The team left Boise around noon today and had a short 45 minute flight to Salt Lake City.

The weather is wonderful and everyone is excited to be here.

Be sure to check in for updates throughout the weekend, as well as, during the competition for up-to-the-minute news!

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