Bronco Gymnasts Primed for NCAA West Regional on April 4

BOISE, Idaho The No. 19-ranked Boise State gymnastics team will head to Seattle, Wash., this week to participate in the 2009 NCAA West Region Championships hosted by the University of Washington. The Broncos will be one of six teams in the April 4 competition held at the Bank of America Arena, holding the No. 4 seed in the NCAA West Region. Also competing will be No. 2-ranked Utah, No. 11-ranked Auburn, No. 14-ranked Illinois, No. 33-ranked Washington and No. 34-ranked San Jose State.


Boise State has tough competition ahead of them, but has a good shot at placing in the top-three. The Broncos have faced San Jose State three times this season, holding a 2-1 record over the Spartans. They also have improved to a 22-5-1 record over the Spartans all-time. Boise State faced both Washington and Illinois once this season, earning a 1.20 win over the Washington Huskies and falling by only .325 to the Fighting Illini of Illinois in Chicago. Boise State holds an all-time series record of 14-40 with Washington as well as a 2-2 tie with Illinois. The blue and orange have not faced Utah or Auburn yet this season but hold a 0-10 all-time record with the Utes as well as a 0-2 record with the Tigers.


The Broncos will begin their regional competition on a bye in the first rotation with the second rotation landing the Broncos on bars. From there, the Broncos will compete on beam in the third rotation, have a bye in the fourth rotation and compete on floor in the fifth rotation. In the sixth and final rotation, the Broncos will finish on vault, their strongest event thus far this season. The Broncos will follow directly behind the Tigers of Auburn in order of rotation while sitting just ahead of Washington.


Key gymnasts on vault for the Broncos include 2009 Western Athletic Conference vault champion, Shaniece Craft, who bettered her career-high to a 9.925 to win the conference title. Redshirt-freshman Chelsee Apple will also be a key contender for the Broncos, posting a 9.90 on vault three different times this season. Sophomore Hannah Redmon had a late-season surge on vault, posting a 9.950 just three weeks ago. Senior Amber Neroes and junior Yvette Leizorek have also been strong additions to the vault squad.


On bars, redshirt-junior Taylor Jacob leads the Broncos, holding sixth of the top-10 marks this season on the event and a season-high of 9.90. Sophomore Mallory Dziawura was joined by Redmon as the top Broncos on bars at the WAC championships, tying for second place with season-highs of 9.875. Neroes jumped into the top-5 marks of the season for Boise State with a career best of 9.850 while redshirt-sophomore Katie Tuller has been a steady hand for the Broncos hitting a season-best 9.825 twice this season.


The Broncos have improved dramatically on beam this season compared to last, thanks to the help of a handful of underclassmen. Continually getting better throughout the season, sophomore Kelsey Lang hit a high point last week when she notched a career-high 9.950 on beam as well as the WAC title on the apparatus. Freshman Lindsay Kazandjian has been rock solid this season winning three beam titles in 10 meets as well as posting a career-best of 9.90. Dziawura has also made a late surge on beam, setting a career-best of 9.90 at the WAC championships on beam. Jacob is joined by freshman Fiona Leslie and sophomore Sarah Smith as consistent beam competitors for the blue and orange.


A strong event for Boise State, the floor squad provides excellent depth. Smith has led the way this season posting a career-best of 9.950 at Boise State’s March 6 Tri-Meet. Redmon joined the floor squad late in the season after recovering from a sprained ankle, but that didn’t phase her, jumping to the No. 2 spot on Boise State’s season chart with a 9.925 just three weeks ago. Leizorek and Kazandjian have added a solid foundation to the floor corps, both posting 9.850 marks this season.


The top two teams and the top two all-around competitors (who are not on an advancing team) from each regional will receive an automatic berth to the national championships in Lincoln, Nebraska, April 16-18, hosted by the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. In addition, the event winners at the regional championships will advance to the national championships (in that event only) if they are not part of a qualifying team or the all-around qualifiers.


The NCAA West Region meet is slated for a 6 p.m. (Pacific Time) start on Saturday in Seattle with tickets starting at $6 for children, $8 for adults and $10 for reserved seats.


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NCAA West Region’s Event-by-Event Rankings


National Rank, School (RQS)

2. Utah (49.420)

10. Auburn (49.190)

19. Illinois (49.085)

21. Boise State (49.065)

23. Washington (49.015)

35. San Jose State (48.860)



National Rank, School (RQS)

2. Utah (49.375)

11. Auburn (49.105)

17. Illinois (48.955)

22. Boise State (48.870)

26. San Jose State (48.815)

34. Washington (48.760)



National Rank, School (RQS)

2. Utah (49.280)

11. Auburn (49.065)

13. Illinois (49.040)

26. Boise State (48.695)

28. Washington (48.660)

43. San Jose State (48.185)



2. Utah (49.355)

8. Auburn (49.250)

15. Illinois (49.140)

18. Boise State (49.085)

23. San Jose State (49.025)

33. Washington (48.865)



NCAA West Region’s Top-100 Individuals (by event)

Vault (Regional Qualifying Score)
National Rank, Name, School (RQS)

2. (tied) Kristina Baskett, Utah (9.940)

6. (tied) Lindsey Puckett, Auburn (9.920)

8. (tied) Ashley Houghting, Washington (9.915)

10. Nina Kim, Utah (9.910)

12. (tied) Annie DiLuzio, Utah (9.90)

21. (tied) Marijka Botterman, Illinois (9.885)

35. (tied) Chelsee Apple, Boise State (9.870)

43. (tied) AJ Mills, Auburn (9.865)

45. (tied) Shaniece Craft, Boise State (9.860)

59. (tied) Allison Buckley, Illinois (9.850)

76. (tied) Lily Swann, San Jose State (9.840)

91. (tied) Jamie Deetscreek, Utah (9.830)

93. (tied) Nicole Cowart, Illinois (9.825)

97. (tied) Allyson Sandusky, Auburn (9.825)

97. (tied) Amanda Cline, Washington (9.825)



National rank, Name, School (RQS)

2. Kristina Baskett, Utah (9.930)

7. Daria Bijak, Utah (9.90)

10. (tied) Gael Mackie, Utah (9.890)

13. Thomasina Wallace, San Jose State (9.885)

19. (tied) AJ Mills, Auburn (9.875)

32. (tied) Jamie Deetscreek, Utah (9.860)

45. (tied) Taylor Jacob, Boise State (9.850)

45. (tied) Sarah Schmidt, Illinois (9.850)

45. (tied) Nina Kim, Utah (9.850)

57. (tied) Lindsey Puckett, Auburn (9.835)

57. (tied) Nicole Cowart, Illinois (9.835)

67. (tied) Kristen Linton, Washington (9.830)

69. (tied) Allyson Sandusky, Auburn (9.825)

82. (tied) Marijka Botterman, Illinois (9.820)



National rank, Name, School (RQS)

5. Nina Kim, Utah (9.910)

11. (tied) Lindsey Puckett, Auburn (9.885)

20. (tied) AJ Mills, Auburn (9.875)

27. (tied) Kristina Baskett, Utah (9.870)

29. (tied) Jamie Deetscreek, Utah (9.865)

34. Kelsey Joannides, Illinois (9.860)

35. Melissa Fernandez, Illinois (9.860)

36. (tied) Daria Bijak, Utah (9.855)

41. (tied) Kyndal Robarts, Utah (9.850)

50. (tied) Kylie Shields, Auburn (9.840)

59. (tied) Lindsay Kazandjian, Boise State (9.830)

87. (tied) Haley Bogart, Washington (9.810)



National Rank, Name, School (RQS)

6. (tied) Lindsey Puckett, Auburn (9.910)

12. (tied) Kristina Baskett, Utah (9.90)

12. (tied) Annie DiLuzio, Utah (9.90)

18. (tied) Sarah Schmidt, Illinois (9.890)

29. (tied) Daria Bijak, Utah (9.880)

36. (tied) Ashley Houghting, Washington (9.880)

36. (tied) AJ Mills, Auburn (9.880)

38. (tied) Rachel Inniss, Auburn (9.875)

38. (tied) Nina Kim, Utah (9.875)

41. (tied) Thomasina Wallace, San Jose State (9.870)

48. (tied) Veronica Porte, San Jose State (9.865)

63. (tied) Kelsey Joannides, Illinois (9.850)

72. (tied) Sarah Smith, Boise State (9.840)

75. (tied) Samantha Walior, Washington (9.840)

75. (tied) Kelsey Lang, Boise State (9.840)

85. (tied) Claire Seiffert, Auburn (9.835)

85. (tied) Jamie Deetscreek, Utah (9.835)

99. (tied) Krissy Voss, Auburn (9.825)



2. Kristina Baskett, Utah (39.620)

5. Lindsey Puckett, Auburn (39.500)

6. Nina Kim, Utah (39.485)

10. (tied) AJ Mills, Auburn (39.445)

22. Jamie Deetscreek, Utah (39.335)

40. Nicole Cowart, Illinois (39.190)

47. (tied) Allison Buckley, Illinois (39.155)

47. (tied) Thomasina Wallace, San Jose State (39.155)

49. (tied) Kelsey Joannides, Illinois (39.140)

55. Veronica Porte, San Jose State (39.090)

82. Hatsune Akaogi, Washington (38.810)

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