Broncos Face Top Opponents at Chicago's Navy Pier

What's Happening:
The No. 15-ranked Boise State Broncos head east this week to Chicago to compete in the Chicago Style Navy Pier meet. There they will take on No. 7-ranked UCLA, No. 18-ranked Missouri and No. 19-ranked Illinois, who is playing host to the NCAA section of the meet.

The collegiate portion of the meet is run in conjunction with the Illinois Gymnastics Institute Chicago Style Level 4 through 10/Elite competitions. The meet is held at Chicago's Historic Navy Pier "Festival Halls A and B". The NCAA portion will kick-off the festivities with a 6:30 p.m. (MT) start.

Tickets can be purchased at the Navy Pier Entrance at $20 for adults and $7 for students/seniors for a daily pass. Adults are $30 and students/seniors are $15 for a weekend pass.

All-Time Series:
This will be the 23rd meeting between Boise State and UCLA, with the Bruins holding a perfect 22-0 record. Boise State has only face Missouri twice, splitting with a 1-1 record and earning the win in their most recent meeting on March 15, 2008. Illinois leads the series with the Broncos 3-2, winning their last three meetings, most recently on April 4, 2009.  

Boise State "Broncos":
Boise State (3-2) enters the week ranked No. 15 in the nation. They come off a solid win at BYU, earning a 195.750 score and picking up titles on vault, won by Hailey Gaspar, as well as beam, floor and the all-around, won by Amy Glass.

As a team, the Broncos sit at No. 9 on vault (49.169), No. 21 on bars (48.650), No. 18 on beam (48.494) and No. 28 on floor (48.650).

Glass leads the team with a No. 28 rank in the all-around (39.088), as well as a No. 2 rank on beam (9.888). She also ranks No. 36 (9.850) on vault and No. 13 on floor (9.875). Brittany Potvin-Green also sits amongst the nation's top-100 in the all-around, ranking No. 36 (39.038). She also ranks No. 21 on vault (9.875).

Hailey Gaspar ranks No. 47 on vault (9.844), No. 77 on beam (9.750) and No. 97 on floor (9.775). Amanda Otuafi sits at No. 64 on vault (9.825), Ciera Perkins is ranked No. 14 on bars (9.856), Lindsay Kazandjian ranks No. 52 on beam (9.792), Bekah Gher ranks No. 95 on beam (9.738) and Caitlin Mann sits at No. 92 on floor (9.781).

UCLA "Bruins":
The No. 7-ranked UCLA Bruins enter the week with a 4-1 record and a 196.435 average. They Bruins come off of a 197.250 score last week in a win over Stanford (Feb. 5).

As a team, the Bruins rank No. 2 in the nation on vault (49.440), No. 9 on bars (49.00), No. 8 on beam (48.930) and No. 6 on floor (49.065).

Samantha Peszek leads the team with a No. 4 all-around ranking (39.488), while also ranking No. 7 on vault (9.908), No. 26 on bars (9.835), No. 7 on beam (9.875) and tied for No. 17 on floor (9.869). Also ranking in the all-around it Mattie Larson, who sits at No. 45 (38.975), Lichelle Wong at No. 51 (38.950) and Olivia Courtney at No. 57 (38.883). Larson also ranks No. 29 on vault (9.867) and is tied for No. 57 on bars (9.80). Wong ranks No. 83 on vault (tied, 9.813) and No. 77 on beam (9.750). Courtney holds rankings on vault (14 th, 9.888), bars (23rd, 9.838), and floor (51st, 9.817).

Vanessa Zamarripa leads the nation on vault (9.935), is tied for No. 12 on bars (9.860) and is tied for No. 22 on beam (9.825). Aisha Gerber also ranks on three events, sitting at No. 90 on bars (9.763), No. 15 on beam (9.842) and No. 90 on floor (9.783). Tauny Frattone ranks on vault (21st, 9.875) and floor (61st, 9.810), while Monique De La Torre ranks on bars (73rd, 9.783) and floor (74th, 9.80). Alyssa Pritchett ranks 13th on floor (9.875), Kaelie Bar is tied for No. 63 on vault (9.830) and Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs ranks 69th on beam (9.765).

Missouri "Tigers":
The No. 18-ranked Missouri Tigers enter the week with a 194.915 average and a perfect 5-0 record. Their season high, 195.925, came last week in a win over North Carolina State (Feb. 3). The Tigers rank No. 16 on vault (48.940), No. 20 on bars (48.660), No. 14 on beam (48.580) and No. 24 on floor (48.735) as a team.

Mary Burke leads the team with a No. 34 ranking in the all-around (39.045). She also ranks No. 74 on vault (9.820), No. 44 on bars (9.815) and No. 61 on floor (9.810). Rachel Updike ranks No. 13 on vault (9.890), No. 20 on beam (9.830) and No. 26 on floor (9.845). Allie Heizelman ranks No. 30 (9.830) on bars, Cathryn Aliceaacosta ranks No. 98 (9.731) on beam and Tori Howard ranks No. 26 on floor (9.845).

Illinois "Fighting Illini":
The No. 19-ranked Illinois Fighting Illini enter the week with a 2-1-1 record on the season, including their season-best score of 195.70 in a win over Ohio State (Feb. 4) last week. The Illini rank No. 32 (48.60) in the nation as a team on vault, No. 12 on bars (48.850), No. 22 on beam (48.431) and No. 13 on floor (48.919).

Kelsey Joannides leads the team with a No. 32 all-around ranking (39.056), while also ranking No. 88 on vault (9.806) and No. 38 on beam (9.806). Alina Weinstein ranks No. 73 in the all-around (38.706) as well as 61 st on beam (9.781). Amber See also ranks in the all-around, sitting at No. 97 (38.475), while also ranking no. 7 on floor (9.888).  

Three other Illini rank on bars: Sarah Fielder (57 th, 9.80), Macy Hyatt (80th, 9.715) and Hannah Welker (94th, 9.758), while Elise Gill ranks No. 65 on floor (9.806).

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