OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - Boise State senior Ben Cherrington won the the NCAA National Championship match at 157 pounds Saturday (March 18). Cherrington defeated Brian Stith of Arizona State, 7-3, in the championship match. The Cherrington vs. Stith match was a rematch of the 2006 PAC-10 Championship. Cherrington, in the PAC-10 Championship, defeat Stith by pin. Cherrington finishes his 2006 senior season 20-0.

Boise State head coach Greg Randall said:

"Ben wrestled just great. It was a thrill to be there. He dominated his weight class this entire tournament. This was his closest match and he won it by a score of 7-3."

"Right afterward he gave a yell to the crowd and the crowd responded back in loud cheering as he walked off the mat. We all - Ben, the coaching staff and his teammates - embraced. This is what it is all about. This is why we work so hard. It was very emotional."

"It was really a night to remember."

The victory over Stith Saturday makes Cherrington Boise State's second individual NCAA Champion in the sport of wrestling. Kirk White, a current assistant coach on the team, was the Broncos' first, winning the 1999 NCAA Championship at 165 pounds.

Cherrington is Randall's first NCAA champion as the Broncos' head coach. Randall was an assistant when Bronco Kirk White won his championship in 1999.

NCAA Champion Ben Cherrington and the Bronco team and coaching staff will return to Boise tomorrow (Sunday, March 19) ...They will be arriving on United. They will leave Tulsa, Okla., stop in Denver. They will then land in Boise at 9:32 p.m. All media, family and friends are invited to greet the happy team at the Boise Airport.

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