Wrestling Camps

2012 Boise State University Wrestling Team Camp
June 25-29, 2012



2012 Boise State Team Wrestling Camp Information

Camp Format:
This camp is for high school aged students between the ages of 15 and 18 years and is structured to focus on the skills of competitive match wrestling such as strategies, tactics, match management, clock management, and effective techniques. Campers will be divided into competitive dual match teams. High school teams may choose to bring only their wrestlers, or they may combine with other schools to make one team. Individual wrestlers looking to participate can sign up independently and will be assigned a team at the first practice based on the initial weigh-ins.

Daily Schedule (Residents):
7-8 am- Breakfast; 9-10 am Technique; 10-11:30 1-2 Duals; Noon-1pm - Lunch; 2-4 pm 1-2 Duals; 5-6 pm - Dinner; 6:30-7:30 pm - Technique; 7:30-9 pm - 1-2 Duals; 10:30 pm - In Rooms; 11 pm Lights Out;

Daily Schedule (Commuters):
9-10 am Technique; 10-11:30 1-2 Duals; Noon-1pm - Lunch; 2-4 pm 1-2 Duals; 5-6 pm - Dinner; 6:30-7:30 pm - Technique; 7:30-9 pm - 1-2 Duals; Commuters must arrange for their own transportation between 9-9:30 pm and are released for the day.

Please register online at www.broncosports.com beginning February 15th. We strongly encourage you to pre-register your team ASAP. Only campers registered online and paid by CHECK in the US Mail postmarked by June 15th will receive advertised price breaks!

In order to get the TEAM RATE, a coach/adult must create a team log in. The coach/adult will be asked to create a team name and password. The coach/adult can then give the team name and password to their team members. Then, each team member shall register themselves onto that team using the log-in information.

If you make a mistake and accidentally sign up as an individual, just email us at wrestlingcamp@boisestate.edu and we will move your registration to your desired team. If you accidentally create duplicate registrations, we can fix that too.

a. Regular Overnight Camper Pricing: $360
Cost of camp includes instruction, your stay in the dorms, and 13 buffet style breakfast, lunch, and dinners in the Boise River Café (Cafeteria) plus a camp t-shirt. Any day camper that chooses to pay after June 15th will not receive White, Orange, or Blue rate pricing. There will be no team price breaks for payments at the door or received after June 15th.

b. Regular Day Camper Pricing: $260
Cost includes instruction plus lunch and dinner Monday through Thursday (8 buffet meals, does not include FRIDAY) plus a camp t-shirt. Any day camper that chooses to pay after June 15th will not receive White, Orange, or Blue rate pricing. There will be no team price breaks for payments at the door or received after June 15th.

Overnight and Day Camper PrePay Pricing: You MUST be registered and paid-in-full (postmarked) by Friday, June 15th to obtain the PrePay Pricing:

White Rate: For Individuals or Teams of 13 or less, each camper will be charged $340 (overnight) or $240 (day)
Orange Rate: For teams bringing 14-23 , each camper will be charged $310 (overnight) or $210 (day)
Blue Rate: For teams bringing 24 or over, each camper will be charged $280 (overnight) or $180 (day)

SPECIAL NOTE: Coaches, if you prepay for X number of campers, you CAN still substitute and change names. So you don't have to know which exact campers are coming to wrestle on your team before June 15th to get the price break. You just need to pay for the number that you will be bringing.

This year, there is NO extra charge to stay Sunday night before camp starts on June 24th. We want to accommodate teams that are traveling from great distances. Its FREE!

c. Overnight Camper High School Coaches Pricing:
Cost includes 4 nights lodging in the dormitories, as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Boise River Cafe' Cafeteria for the duration of the camp. Each coach will be charged $150 at registration. However, Volunteer Coaches are needed. In exchange for some supervision work, volunteers will receive complimentary room and board.

d. Day Camper High School Coaches Pricing:
All coaches who are not staying overnight but want to eat lunch and dinner in the cafeteria must purchase a meal card at registration for $80.

Note to high school coaches:
The role of a coach is to voluntarily help his own athletes learn the techniques, as well as provide live match coaching during dual matches (strategy, score, time remaining, dual match lineup, etc.). This is NOT designed to be a coaching clinic, and we are NOT charging to instruct coaches. We only ask coaches to cover actual and necessary expenses.

Payment Options:

1) Through the mail, Payment is by Check or Purchase Order only. In person, payment is by Cash or Check only. NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS, sorry! Make all checks payable to Boise State Wrestling Camp. Please make sure your camper's name is written in the check memo area at the bottom left hand corner of your check. This will really help us with accounting.

2) Camp payments can be sent via mail during our PrePay Period (April 15th, to June 15th). Teams and Individuals both are encouraged to prepay. Only campers who submit their payment during our PrePay Period will received advertised price breaks. Orange, or Blue price breaks will only be given to teams who prepay with 1 check or money order. Part of special team rate is the coach collecting the money and alleviating camp staff from accounting and paperwork. Please also email an itemized list of names, type of camper (overnight or day), weight class, and expected rate (White, Orange, or Blue).

3)   Camp Payments should be mailed to:

Boise State Wrestling Camp - Athletics
1910 University Drive
Boise, ID 83725-1020

4) Camp payments can also be made in-person during early check-in Sunday afternoon or late check-in Monday morning via cash or check only. Regulars rates only for in-person payments. $360 for overnighters, $260 for day campers.

5) All refunds will be done via check issued through Boise State University athletics business office (as per NCAA rules) on a case by case basis. Absolutely no cash refunds.

6) When paying in cash please bring exact change! We are NOT ALLOWED to have change on hand, because we must prove the exact amount that each camper paid. The NCAA is very strict in that we must prove that we didn't give any recruitable-age athlete an extra benefit. Your patience is appreciated.

Medical/Age Information
Campers must be entering grades 9 through 12 in the upcoming fall. A certified athletic trainer will be in attendance and available throughout camp. Campers must have complete medical information on file before you are allowed to participate. Make sure you fill out all fields online in order to ensure you are allowed into camp. Campers must submit a copy of the medical insurance card BEFORE CAMP BEGINS (i.e. a copy of your insurance card to submit at check-in that we can keep on file).

Overnight campers will stay in the Boise State University dorms. A standard bed pack is provided: pillow, pillowcase, a very thin blanket, towel, wash cloth and 2 sheets. If there are any damages or lost items you will be charged. Camp counselors and Volunteer Staff will be in the dorms during the evenings.

Meals will be provided beginning with breakfast on the first Monday of camp and ending with Breakfast on the last day of camp. NO LUNCH or DINNER on Friday. Meals will be served at Table Rock Café in the Student Union Building. Camp will start each morning at 9 am.

Day campers will NOT receive breakfast. Day Campers can be picked up at 9 pm each evening and not later than 9:30 pm. Camp will finish on Friday, July 1st at 11 AM.

Campers will be responsible for key replacement charges if their key isn't turned in promptly on the last day of camp. The dorm key cost upwards of $80 a key. DON'T LOSE YOUR ROOM KEY.

The Boise State University Men's Wrestling Staff is involved in coaching all campers. Many outstanding collegiate wrestlers are here to assist, including current and former Boise State Broncos.

Check-In and Team Camp Weigh-In Location:
In the south entrance of Caven-Williams Indoor Football Sports Complex, located at the northwest corner of Bronco Stadium. There are two Check-In Times:

Early Check-In: Sunday, June 24th from 5 pm to 9 pm (Ideal for resident teams and individuals who are using Sunday as a travel day and are spending the night in the dorms, or nearby commuters with a short drive who want to help us out and get registration out of the way).

Late Check-In: Monday, June 25th from 7 am to 9 am (Ideal for commuters who can't make it to early registration.

Team Check-In: Only the coach needs to me present at check-in. Once the coach checks the team in and pays, the coach shall then escort their team to the weigh-in room (less than 50 yards from the check-in area). Please have 2 copies of your TEAM weigh-in sheet ready complete with School, Name, and weight classes ready to submit to the weigh-master. (You keep a copy, we keep a copy)

Weigh-Ins: Wrestlers you will weigh-in immediately after you check-in. If you are part of a team (which means your coach is accompanying you to camp and you preregistered with a team), you must have your coach check your team in, and you must weigh-in with your team immediately after. If you are NOT with a team, make sure you tell the weigh-master that you are weighing in as an individual and that you need to be put on a team.

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