Wrestling Play-by-Play vs Stanford

NCAA Wrestling

Boise State University vs. Stanford Feb 9, 2009 Bronco Gymnasium


Final Scored Boise State 38, Stanford 3


HWT Sam Zylstra (BSU) vs.


Final Score Smith wins by forfeit

Team Score Boise State 6, Stanford 0


125 Brian Owen (BSU) vs. Matt Sencenbaugh (Stanford)


1st period 2:46 Owen two-point takedown; 1:40 Sencenbaugh one-point escape; 1:35 Owen two-point takedown; 0:30 Sencenbaugh one-point escape; Owen leads 4-2

2nd period Sencenbuagh chooses down to start.  No scoring this period.  Owen continues to lead 4-2

3rd period Owen chooses neutral to start.  1:37 Sencenbaugh two-point takedown; 1:08 Owen one-point escape;  0:54 Sencenbaugh two-point takedown; 0:52 Owen one-point escpae; 0:43 Owen two-point takedown; 0:35 Sencenbaugh awarded one penalty point for stalling on Owen; 0:22 Sencenbaugh one-point escape; 0:04 Sencenbaugh two-point takedown; Owen awarded one-point for advantage time


Final Score Sencenbaugh 10, Owen 9

Team Score Boise State 6, Stanford 3


133 Alan Bartelli (BSU) vs. Porfirio Madrigal (Stanford)


1st period 2:31 Bartelli two-point takedown; 1:50 Madrigal one-point escape; 1:07 Bartelli two-point takedown; 0:32 Madrigal one-point escape; 0:11 Bartelli two-point takedown; Bartelli leads 6-2

2nd period Bartelli chooses down to start.  No scoring this period.  Bartelli continues to lead 6-2.

3rd period Madrigal chooses down to start.  1:47 Madrigal one-point escape;  0:48 Bartelli two-point takedown;  0:26 Madrigal two-point reversal; 0:19 Bartelli one-point escape; 0:02 Bartelli two-point takedown


Final Score Bartelli 11, Madrigal 5

Team Score Boise State 9, Stanford 3


141 Cory Fish (BSU vs. Cameron Teitelman (Stanford)


1st period 2:38 Fish two-point takedown; 1:13 Teitelman one-point escape; Fish leads 2-1

2nd period Fish chooses down to start.  1:53 Fish one-point escape; 1:47 Fish two-point takedown; 0:13 Fish awarded one point for stalling on Teitelman; Fish leads 6-1

3rd period Teitelman chooses neutral to start.  1:06 -- Fish awarded one-point for stalling on Teitleman; 0:56 Fish two-point takedown;  Fish awarded one-point advantage time.


Final Score Fish 10, Teitelman 1 (MD)

Team Score Boise State 13, Stanford 3


149 Jason Chamberlain (BSU) vs. Timmy Boone (Stanford)


1st period 1:52 Chamberlain two-point takedown; 1:20 Boone one-point escape; 0:55 Chamberlain two-point takedown; 0:47 Boone one-point escape; 0:33 Chamberlain two-point takedown; Chamberlain leads 6-2

2nd period Chamberlain chooses down to start.  1:57 Chamberlain one-point escape;  1:49 Chamberlain two-point takedown; 1:40 Boone one-point escape; 1:38 Chamberlain two-point takedown; 1:30 Boone one-point escape; 1:17 Chamberlain two-point takedownb; 1:10 Chamberlain awarded one-penalty point for stalling on Boone;  1:00 Boone one-point escape; 0:56 Chamberlain two-point takedown; 0:49 Boone one-point escape; 0:35 Chamberlain two-point takedown; 0:21 Boone one-point escape;  0:00 Chamberlain three-point near fall.


Final Score Chamberlain 23, Boone 7 (TF)

Team Score Boise State 18, Stanford 3



157 Adam Hall (BSU) vs. Lucas Espericueta (Stanford)


1st period 1:47 Hall two-point takedown;


Final Score Hall wins by pin at 1:43 mark.

Team Score Boise State 24, Stanford 3


165 Tyler Sherfey (BSU) vs. Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford)


1st period No score.

2nd period Sherfey chooses down to start.  No score. 

3rd period Amuchastegui chooses down to start.  1:47 Amuchastegui one-point escape; 0:25 Sherfey one-point for stalling on Amuchastegui;  0:20 Sherfey two-point takedown.  Amuchastegui awarded one-point for advantage time.


Final Score Sherfey 3, Amuchastegui 2

Team Score Boise State 27, Stanford 3


174 Nate Lee (BSU) vs. Victor Haug (Stanford)


1st period 1:56 Lee two-point takedown; 1:37 Haug one-point escape; 0:01 Lee two-point takedown; Lee leads 4-1

2nd period 1:41 Lee one-point escape; 1:28 Lee two-point takedown; 1:15 Haug one-point escpae; 0:53 Lee two-point takedown; Lee leads 9-2

3rd period Haug chooses down to start. 1:58 Haug one-point escape; 0:57 Lee two-point takedown; 0:43 Haug one-point escape; 0:11 Lee awarded one-penalty point for stalling on Haug.  Lee awarded one-point for advantage time.


Final Score Lee 12, Haug 4 (MD)

Team Score Boise State 31, Stanford 3


184 Kirk Smith (BSU) vs. Jake Johnson (Stanford)


1st period 2:30 Smith two-point takedown; 1:30 Johnson one-point escape; 0:21 Smith awarded one-point for stalling on Johnson; Smith leads 3-1

2nd period Smith chooses down to start.  1:35 Smith one-point escape; 1:05 Johnson two-point takedown; 0:43 Smith two-point reversal; Smith leads 6-3

3rd period Johnson chooses down to start.  1:42 Johnson one-point escape; 1:18 Smith two-point takedown; 1:05 Johnson one-point escape; 0:25 Smith two-point takedown;  0:14 Smith three-point near fall; Smith awarded one-point for advantage time.


Final Score Smith 14, Johnson 5 (MD)

Team Score Boise State 35, Stanford 3


197 Brent Chriswell (BSU) vs. Luke Feist (Stanford)


1st period 0:57 Feist two-point takedown; 0:55 Chriswell awarded one penalty point for illegal hold by Feist; 0:37 Chriswell one-point escape; Scored is tied 2-2

2nd period 1:25 Fiest one-point escape; Feist leads 3-2

3rd period Chriswell chooses down to start.  1:55 Chriswell one-point escape; 1:43 Chriswell two-point takedown; 0:21 Feist one-point escape;


Final Score Chriswell 6, Feist 4


Final Team Score Boise State 38, Stanford 3                                  




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