Boise State Men's Headed to Illinois for 2010 ITA Kick-Off Weekend

SKILLMAN, N.J. Just after completing an outstanding season, the Boise State men’s tennis team looks toward next season learning on Wednesday where they will be headed for the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Kick-Off Weekend held Jan. 29-30, 2010. The Bronco men will head to the University of Illinois in Champaign, Ill., to compete as the No. 2 seed in their four-team bracket. Illinois holds the No. 1 seed as well as playing host, while the University of Washington holds the No. 3 seed and Virginia Tech is at No. 4


The second annual ITA Men’s Kick-Off Weekend Draft was held Wednesday, June 3 as teams selected which route they will take to get to the 2010 ITA National Team Indoor Championships.


The ITA Kick-Off Weekend features 15 host sites with four teams at each site vying to advance to the ITA Men's Team Indoor Championships. The 15 schools that win both of their matches at these events will be invited to play in the Feb. 12-15 ITA Men’s National Team Indoor Championships at the Boar’s Head Sports Club in Charlottesville, Va. (hosted by the University of Virginia).


Complete draft results and Kick-Off Weekend information can be viewed at


The No. 1 team in each site will face the No. 4 team. The No. 2 team will face the No. 3 team. Two matches are guaranteed - the winners/losers will play the following day (this counts as 2 team dates). The 15 schools that win both of their matches at these events will be invited to play in the Feb. 12-15 ITA National Team Indoor Championships at the Boar's Head Sports Club (hosted by the Univ. of Virginia). 

**Denotes a dual gender site

1. USC**
2. Radford
3. Yale
4. Vanderbilt

1. Ohio State
2. Tulsa
3. Notre Dame
4. New Mexico

1. Mississippi
2. Indiana
3. Columbia
4. Arkansas

1. UCLA**
2. Pepperdine
3. South Florida
4. Hawaii

1. Georgia**
2. Miami (FL)
3. North Carolina
4. Northwestern

1. Baylor**
2. TCU
3. TAMU, Corpus Christi
4. Iowa

1. Tennessee**
2. South Carolina
3. VCU
4. Utah

1. Texas
2. Texas Tech
3. California

1. Stanford
2. San Diego State
3. Oklahoma

1. Florida**
2. Georgia Tech
3. Penn State
4. Furman

1. Illinois
2. Boise State
3. Washington
4. Virginia Tech

1. Florida State
2. Louisville
3. LSU
4. Wisconsin

1. Texas A&M
2. Oklahoma State
3. Rice
4. Fresno State

1. Kentucky
2. Wake Forest
3. Minnesota
4. Michigan

1. Alabama
2. Auburn
3. Duke
4. Arizona


*All draft site selections are final once they are made.


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