Boise State Junior Develoment Program

Boise State Summer Junior Development Program


The Boise State Junior Development program will focus on helping players improve their technique, tactics, athleticism and competitive abilities.  We believe junior tennis players develop best around other committed juniors who have the chance to learn, practice and compete in a fun and challenging atmosphere. 



On Tuesdays (Advanced) and Wednesdays (Intermediate) we will offer workouts for tournament level players.  Workouts will consist of drilling, games, conditioning and instruction focused on developing general stroke mechanics, footwork and strategy. The first half hour of each workout will focus on footwork, athleticism and conditioning.  The last hour and half will focus more on technique, strategy, games and competition. 


Matchplay (Compass Draws)

On Mondays (14 and under) and Sundays (18 and under) we will offer match play for different age divisions.  Match play is a critical component for all players’ development. It is important for players to compete each week and receive feedback on what they learn in individual lessons and workouts. Match play will consist of 16 players in a compass draw format.  Each player will play four sets and will move in the direction of their ability level based upon their performance in the draw. 



Each Week June 18th August 19th

No Workouts or Tournaments the week of July 4th



Tuesdays 6:00 8:00PM: Advanced Tournament Players (Limit 14 Players)

Wednesdays 6:00 8:00PM: Intermediate Tournament Players (Limit 14 Players)

Cost: $20 if you pay in advance, $25 if you pay per time


Match Play (Compass Draws)

Monday 6:00 9:00PM: 14 and Under (Boys and Girls Limit16 Players)

Cost: $15 if you pay in advance, $20 if you pay per time

Sunday 6:00 9:00PM: 18 and Under (Boys and Girls Limit 16 Players)

Cost: $15 if you pay in advance, $20 if you pay per time


Workouts and matchplay will be run by Morgan Shepherd, Tommy Buford and Matt Shaine.  All workouts and tournaments will be run at the Appleton Tennis Center.  If you can not make all workouts or matchplay we will prorate the cost based on the events you can attend. If you pay upfront prior to the June 25th for all of the programs you will be attending the cost is $15 per tournament and $20 per workout.  If programs are not full we will allow players to pay as they play still need to call ahead and reserve a spot (cost for each time is $25 Workouts and $20 Tournaments). Contact Morgan Shepherd if you are interested in signing up for the Boise State development programs.  Phone: (208) 559-6514.

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