Broncos Fall in MW Opener at Utah State
Feb. 4, 2018

Box Score

LOGAN, Utah - Boise State opened Mountain West Conference play Sunday afternoon at defending champion Utah State where the Broncos fell to the Aggies 4-0.

The match opened with a tightly contested doubles point where the Broncos came up on the short end of the scores. The Aggies took No. 1 singles 7-5 over Boise State’s Kyle Butters and Jack Heslin, followed by a 6-4 loss on court two by Ryland McDermott and Matteo Tinelli. The pair of wins by Utah State handed the Aggies the team point and stopped the No. 3 doubles match, featuring the Broncos’ Wyatt DeMulling and Stefan Lalovic, tied at 6-6.

The team victory was decided when the Aggies claimed three-straight singles matches over Boise State’s DeMulling (6-0, 6-4) on court four, Butters (6-3, 6-2) on court three and Matteo Tinelli (6-2, 6-4) at No. 2 singles.

Jack Heslin was in a tight battle on court one down 7-5, 5-5 with Jaime Barajas when the contest was abandoned with the team victory. No. 5 and 6 singles had just began when the Aggies clinched the match.

The loss drops the Broncos to 1-4 on the season who will be back in action when they travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, next Friday to face the Utah Utes.

Tennis Match Results
Boise State (1-4, 0-1 MW) at Utah State (4-2, 1-0 MW)
Feb 04, 2018 at Logan, Utah (Sports Academy & Racquet Club)

Utah State 4, Boise State 0

Doubles competition
1. Jaime Barajas/Jose Carvajal (USU) def. Kyle Butters/Jack Heslin (BSU) 7-5
2. Valdemar Holm/Samuel Serrano (USU) def. Ryland McDermott/Matteo Tinelli (BSU) 6-4
3. Felipe Acosta/Sergiu Bucur (USU) vs. Wyatt DeMulling/Stefan Lalovic (BSU) 6-6, unfinished
Order of finish: 1,2

Singles competition
1. Jaime Barajas (USU) vs. Jack Heslin (BSU) 7-5, 5-5, unfinished
2. Sergiu Bucur (USU) def. Matteo Tinelli (BSU) 6-2, 6-4
3. Samuel Serrano (USU) def. Kyle Butters (BSU) 6-3, 6-2
4. Jose Carvajal (USU) def. Wyatt DeMulling (BSU) 6-0, 6-4
5. Valdemar Holm (USU) vs. Stefan Lalovic (BSU) 3-1, unfinished
6. Felipe Acosta (USU) vs. Ryland McDermott (BSU) 0-1, unfinished
Order of finish: 4,3,2

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