Bronco Bowl Trivia Round 3 and Answers to Round 2

Bronco Bowl Trivia hits Round 3.  Here are five more questions to test your Boise State football knowledge.  Email in your answers to  Our winning email (first one received with all five correct answers) will win a complete set of Boise State's 7 bowl patches.

Bronco Bowl Trivia Round 3:

1) Which Bronco then-unknown freshman set a school record and Bronco bowl record for all-purpose yardage in the 1999 Humanitarian Bowl?
  A) Davy Malaythong
  B) Lou Fanucchi
  C) Brock Forsey
  D) Jay Swillie

2) Who holds Boise State's longest run from scrimmage in a bowl game?
  A) David Mikell
  B) Brock Forsey
  C) Bart Hendricks
  D) Ian Johnson

3) In Boise State's 9 bowl appearances since 1999, the team has failed to score less than 30 points just once. Which game was it in?
   A) 1999 Humanitarian Bowl
   B) 2005 MPC Computers Bowl
   C) 2007 Hawaii Bowl
   D) 2003 Fort Worth Bowl

4) Who is the only Bronco receiver to catch two touchdown passes in the same game?
   A) Jay Swillie
   B) TJ Acree
   C) Drisan James
   D) Tim Gilligan

5) Which player scored Boise State's first ever bowl touchdown as a Division 1-A member, in the 1999 Humanitarian Bowl?
   A) Brock Forsey
   B) Jay Swillie
   C) Lou Fanucchi
   D) Bart Hendricks

Answers for Round 3 will be posted on Monday.

Bronco Bowl Trivia Round 2 Answers.
Here are the answers to Saturday's Bronco Bowl Trivia questions.  

1) Which quarterback holds the Bronco career bowl record for touchdown passes?
  A) Ryan Dinwiddie
  B) Jared Zabransky (5 TD passes in 3 career bowl games)
  C) Bart Hendricks
  D) Taylor Tharp

2) Who is the Bronco defender who set a Liberty Bowl record for longest interception return for touchdown?
   A) Korey Hall
   B) Gerald Alexander
   C) Chris Carr
   D) Andy Avalos (92 yard TD return vs. Louisville)

3) Who is the only player in Bronco history to score a touchdown passing, rushing and receiving in bowl action?
    A) Vinny Perretta
    B) Bart Hendricks (2 rushing TD's, 1 passing TD and 1 receiving TD in 2000 Humanitarian Bowl win over UTEP)
    C) Ian Johnson
    D) Jared Zabransky

4) Who is the only Bronco quarterback to complete 30 passes in a single bowl game?
    A) Ryan Dinwiddie
    B) Jim McMillan
    C) Taylor Tharp (30-of-44 in 2007 Hawaii Bowl vs. E. Carolina)
    D) Jared Zabransky

5) Which Bronco kicker has the longest field goal in bowl history?
    A) Tyler Jones (48 Yards vs. Louisville in 2004 Liberty Bowl)
    B) Nick Calaycay
    C) Greg Erickson
    D) Kyle Brotzman  


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