As the last weekend of the college football regular season approaches, so to does the countdown on bowl announcements and match-ups.  For undefeated and ninth ranked Boise State, the speculation, fan talk and media buzz has centered around options tied in with WAC bowl affiliations.

But, as one of just four undefeated teams left in the country and ranked among the top 10 nationally, the Broncos are certainly eligible to be selected for an at-large berth by the BCS.  While most think it is a foregone conclusion that Ohio State will lock up the final BCS spot based on a 10-2 season and belonging to the powerful Big Ten Conference with incredible fan following, the Bronco bowl fate still won’t be known until 6:00 pm Mountain Time on Sunday evening when the BCS announcements are made public.

What’s known for sure on the BCS front is that Florida, Alabama, Penn State, Cincinnati, Texas and Utah have locked up six of the ten BCS spots.  USC is likely in that category, but needs a win over UCLA to clinch the outright Pac-10 title.  Oklahoma will put themselves in the national championship game with a win over Missouri in the Big 12 title game Saturday night.  But, a loss in that game means Missouri is in the BCS and Oklahoma is out.  The ninth spot belongs to the ACC Champion (either Boston College or Virginia Tech).  Meaning the only drama comes down to the 10th and final selection, which is Ohio State or Boise State (with TCU and Ball State holding out for an even bigger shocker than the Broncos).

With the Pac-10 Conference unable to fill all of its bowl obligations, the WAC will have four bowl tie-ins and appears poised to put five teams into post-season play.  For Boise State, this likely means either a trip to the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego against a nationally ranked Mountain West Conference foe (likely TCU, but possibly BYU), or staying in Boise’s own Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl (opposite an ACC opponent).

The WAC will also place Hawaii, Fresno State, Nevada and Louisiana Tech in bowl games, with San Jose State also bowl eligible, but likely only going bowling as an at-large pick.  Hawaii has already accepted an invitation to the Hawaii Bowl, while Fresno State, Nevada and Louisiana Tech will know their bowl fates as the dominos begin to fall during the last weekend of regular season action.

It all leads to one of the most anticipated three weeks of the sporting year, 34 bowl games with 68 teams from 10 different conferences spread coast-to-coast.  It’s officially Bowl Season!

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