THE 411 WITH MIKE T. Williams
Re-Visiting The Distant Cousin You Grew Up With 

This game gives me a different vibe, almost like an old family reunion.  Tulsa has always had a good squad, and back when they were a part of the WAC, they always gave Boise State a well fought game.  Then they decided to leave the WAC for Conference USA and we haven’t seen them for a while.  Kind of like an old cousin you haven’t talked with for quite some time, you know?  We all have a cousin or two that you were close to growing up and since then everybody went their own direction.  Just like Broncos and the Hurricane…….reuniting after what has been almost a “Falling Out”, since they broke off from the WAC.   

A great relationship tapered off and now grandma (both school’s athletic directors) set up a family reunion so that we can reestablish a relationship with the distant cousin.  You reading now the weird feeling when you meet that cousin again after so many years apart.  Yeah, you know them, but you don’t know them.  You have to try and impress them with what you’ve done and who you are.  An almost formal greeting with really dry questions and answers.  “How are you?”, “Oh I’m good”. “So how have you been?” “Things are going good, what you been up to?” Yada, yada, yada.  It’s like eating a steak that has been left out on the counter for a few days: DRY, HARD, STALE.   

And the whole time during the conversation you are thinking of a way out, looking for someone to take them off your back.  So then the conversation ends and you realize, that really wasn’t so bad.  Oh yea, back to football.  This is an exciting game where two former comrades of the Western Athletic Conference get to battle it out in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I am sad that this is an away game, but do find joy in sitting back on the couch and watching the game from home, throw in a microwavable pizza and get that focused tunnel vision directed right at the TV.  And, yes being a player was the best, but I do enjoy being a spectator now.  The blood pressure doesn’t fluctuate as much and you don’t have to ice every square inch of your body because you are literally sore from head to toe. 

On a serious note, this Tulsa team has made a name for themselves over the years by becoming one of the top scoring teams in the nation. They run the no huddle to perfection, and have had outstanding quarterback play to go along with some of the most talented, yet unheard of skill players in the country.  This is going to be another big test for the defense as this team has the fire power to put up a lot of point. 

So tune in at six o’clock, grab some chips, soda or whatever you want to drink, and let’s scream for our boys till they hear us in Oklahoma! 

I want to give some 411 shouts out to our O-Line, who have been paving the way with some big holes for the Bronco running backs.  A good ball control game and 200+ yard rushing attack will be big in Wednesday’s game.  Also, a shout to DJ and Chuck Hayes: sorry to hear about your ACLs.  I know the frustration!  Hang in there guys.     

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