Win Over Ducks Was Business as Usual Says Guard Gott

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Somebody needs to take Jon Gott’s pulse. When discussing Boise State’s big win over Oregon less than 48 hours earlier, the senior guard speaks as though he’s discussing a recent advanced calculus lecture.

In fact, all the Broncos seem to have the same nonchalance following what is being called one of the program’s landmark wins. Walk the halls of the Nicholson-Yanke Athletic Center and the Bronco Football Complex Monday morning, and it seems like the start of any other week.

Players and coaches trickle in and go about their business. Head coach Chris Petersen talks on his cell phone in an empty team meeting room. Offices are quiet. A handful of players, headphones on, type on their laptops and do homework. Greetings are exchanged, but there’s no yelling, high-fiving or reliving Saturday’s victory over Oregon.

For Gott and his teammates, it’s business as usual.

“It felt like every other game,” said the 6-foot-3, 286-pound native of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, when asked to describe the excitement following the Broncos’ 37-32 win over the Ducks in Eugene, Ore. “There wasn’t anything different going on. We just practiced hard all last week, came in focused for the game, and played the game we wanted to play.”

Yeah, but Jon, what about all the baggage the Broncos discarded by downing the Ducks halting the string of road losses to Pac-10 teams and the finally defeating a team from a Bowl Championship Series conference in its own stadium?

“It was just one game,” he replied. “We just play one game a week. We don’t look behind. We just focus on the game ahead.”

What about the Broncos’ No. 19 ranking in this week’s poll?

“We’re not talking about that stuff right now,” said Gott. “The coaches aren’t even talking about the Oregon game anymore. They’re just telling us to prepare for Louisiana Tech.”

But now that you and your teammates have gotten by Oregon, you have must have designs on another BCS run, right?

“We still have nine or 10 more games remaining,” said Gott, who was a backup guard as a sophomore in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. “We’re not focusing on bowl games; we’re focusing on the next game that’s coming up.”

While Gott remained stoic when asked to talk about touchy-feely stuff, he was willing to discuss the areas where the offensive line needs to improve following Saturday’s win over Oregon.

“They had a lot of talent,” he said of the Ducks. “We played hard and got things going with our passing game, but we couldn’t get the running game going against them. That was a big problem. It was mostly mental mistakes and not picking up the right guy. We’re going to need to communicate better and know our assignments better in our upcoming games.”

Linebacker Dallas Dobbs concurs with his teammate that the Broncos can’t rest on their laurels and suddenly think they’ve got it made.

“We realize that anyone can beat anyone on any given Saturday, or Wednesday, like our next game,” he said. “But the win on Saturday was a huge confidence builder. They [the Ducks] were very athletic, big and fast. But we now feel we can go on the road a take care of business in a stadium like against a team like that.”

And according to Dobbs, the Bronco coaching staff has pushed all right buttons so far this season.

“The biggest thing for me is that it raises the confidence level of our coaches [in the team]. I thought they really outcoached Oregon. Our play-calling on both sides of the ball was really good. Now it’s up to us to use the plays they give us and get at the right energy level and things will be all right.”

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