The 411 with Mike T. Williams


The time is here, although a bit earlier than in most years, where the two juggernaut teams in the WAC go center stage for a big time prize fight!  In my eyes, I compare this game to an old school boxing match between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali!

Of course Boise State is Ali and Fresno State, Frazier.  I think this analogy works great as the Broncos possess many of the same attributes as Ali.  For exampe, Muhammad Ali is known for being in your face, yet smooth, under control and a finess boxer. Qualities which fit Boise State to a T.  I say this because the Bronco defense is in-your-face, aggressive, and thrives on a great challenge!  Boise State's offense is known for being flashy, but smooth and always under control.  This is key in a match up like on the road. Switching up Ali's catch phrase, Boise State's catch phrase could be "Run like a stallion, kick like a bronco".

Joe Frazier is known for being an aggressive, hard nose boxer that relies on his very powerful punches to win the fight.  Fresno State is also known for being a hard nosed team with their, "anytime, anyplace, anywhere" attitude.  It's always made this team a scary and formidable oppenent.  But perhaps the attribute the Bulldogs have most in common with Frazier is Power!  When I say power, I mean the power run game that includes a trio of talented running backs and an o-line that has always held its own, which could be the deciding factor in this heavyweight battle.  Can Fresno win at the line of scrimmage running the ball, or does a third straight Bronco opponent fail to generate any momentum on the ground?  Does Frazier land a power punch or is Ali too quick, agile and frustrating for the bruiser?

As a former player, I couldn't wait until this game came around especially when it was a road game because the environment at Bulldog Stadium is crazy, plain and simple.  Overall a great experience, though.  Just imagine, going into a hostile environment where nobody wants you to win.  The fun starts right when you walk out of the locker room and make the walk into the stadium.  There are more than three hundred fans gated off just yelling at you and giving you "da business" until you reach the field.  When the game starts though, we do all the talking with our pads.

With this year's matchup, the Boise State defense is going to be a key factor in.  Fresno's offense will really test the Bronco D and show us what we are really made of.  During the game, watching how our defense responds to adversity when challenged by their offense, will be something to keep an eye on.
This battle will determine a lot when it comes to the WAC standings, considering the Vandals are currently at the top.  After Friday, they'll be sharing that spot with either the Broncos or Bulldogs.  Guess you have to enjoy the fun while you can!

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