J Rabb's View


Starting with the O-Line!!!  Upfront, last week was a really good show.  Kellen Moore had plenty of time to deliver the ball downfield, and the backfield, consisting of Jeremy Avery and D.J. Harper had nice holes to poke through.  Despite a couple of fumbled snaps and bobbled pitches that is expected in the first game of the season, the pass protection up front led to big plays down the field by Austin Pettis, who had the Play of the Game for the offense.  Offense just needs to fine tune the couple of mistakes from last week and continue to be solid as a unit. 


The Bronco defense gave up a whole seven yards, and 0 first downs in the first half last week!  You can’t really ask for a better performance than that.  The D-line, led by Billy Winn, had guys in the backfield all night, creating a mess for the Oregon offense.  Senior DB Kyle Wilson had a lock down showcase, and safeties Jeron Johnson and George Iloka patrolled the deep threat and stuffed the run game. Winston Venable and the LB’s were flying around, making plays to complete the defensive package 

Miami game 

Expect to see the same performance in the trenches by the O-line allowing Kellen to create big plays with his arm, and the RB’s to blast through holes and establish the run game.  Physical up Front!!! 

With that performance against Oregon, the bar has been set for the season on defense!

If the defense keeps up the energy and effort they showed last week, they will have no problem holding off the Redhawks. 

The battle starts in the Trenches! O-Line & D-Line 

We’ll be back with another J Rabb’s Take following Saturday’s game with an inside look and analysis.

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