Mike T.'s 411

Former Bronco Mike T. Wiliams shares his insight with BroncoSports.com

Wow.....The Oregon vs. BSU game was a great one.  But what can I say about the game that hasn't been said about the Idaho Shakespeare Festival?  It was entertaining, there was joy, drama and it was an emotional roller coaster.  So just for kicks I have decided to follow through with the Shakespeare mentality and relate the game to a play.  I am going to call it: "The Oregon Duck doesn't Shed the Blue Water"!!!!!

WRITER: Coach Pete
DIRECTOR: Coach Harsin
PRODUCERS: Coach Choate and Coach Pease
MAKE-UP: Coach Justin Wilcox and Coach Pete Kwiatkowski.  These two are the greatest make-up artists and beauticians of all time!!!!!....F.Y.I. these two coaches and me are always taking friendly shots at another haha!
SNACKS AND CONCESSIONS:  Strength Coach Tim Socha.  He will be selling Chocolate Milk and Powerbar's during the play!  (Just in case some of you fans don't know, Coach Socha loads the players up with Chocolate Milk and Powerbar's as a post-workout supplement!....Another poke at one of my favorite coaches haha!
ACTORS: Boise's Defensive Line

"The Goat" aka Billy Winn did what a goat always does and ate up anything that came his way.  He gnawed on offensive lineman, running backs and especially Big Mac's all night.  His tackle in the backfield that resulted in a safety was the defensive highlight of the night.

"Tree Trunk" aka Chase Baker did what a tree trunk does and he held his ground and withstood the storm.  He made plays all night and I especially liked his tackle for loss in the backfield!

"QB Killer" aka Ryan Winterswyk ate a "Duck Roast Platter" the entire game!  He had a nice sack during the game and overwhelmed opposing tackles all night.

I was really excited to see Coach Kwiatkowski  turn to the best tag team champions in "Harlem Heat", aka JP Nisby and Chuck Hayes, shared a bowl of "Duck Chowder" during the game (JP ate most of the chowder lol)  but I was glad to see the Tag Team Duo on the field.  They were both in during the big fourth down stand!

PLOT: On a night that held a full moon high in the air, a night that jets flew overhead, and on a night where the nation stared with their eyes glued to the television as college football kicked off.  There were ducks quacking from Oregon, and bronco's bucking from Boise.  Fans were screaming and the lights were gleaming.  Two giants battled toe to toe.  It was a great game and both teams will have a great season to come!

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