411 With Mike T. Williams
Former Bronco defensive lineman Mike T. Williams weighs in with his thoughts, aptly called The 411, during the 2009 football season.  An All-WAC selection as a senior, Williams was a four year letterwinner for the Broncos from 2005-2008. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back blogging, thanks to the success "The 411 With Mike T" had at the Poinsettia Bowl.  I’m no Chadd Cripe but I think I might give him a run for his money and take his spot in the Idaho Statesman.  Instead of "Scott's Slant"  I am hoping that this blog lead's me to my own segment on KTVB, "Mike T open Mic" or possibly win the voter's heart's and become the next Governor after Butch Otter.  Yea, your right! I am being unreasonable, but who know's..........By the way, I like to shamelessly blow my own horn. 

So we are just a few days away from kickoff and the anticipation is in the air.  The tickets situation was bizarre with students waiting in line all night, the new banners that are being put up on the exterior of Bronco Stadium are some nice eye candy, RV's are getting all lined up on University Drive, that vibe that we all missed so much is back for another great season.  It's that time of year when the leaves change color, blue and orange are the backdrop of the Treasure Valley, soon there will be a snowy white and then we will end it with the beloved bowl season.  But, enough nostalgia.  Let’s talk some football, and I’m hear to give you the 411 on the D-Line…the Front Four…The Beasts on the Blue. 

The defensive line this year is looking stellar to say the least.  With a few senior losses that include Steven Reveles, Joe Bozikovich, Sean Bingham......and of course myself, the boys in the trenches are going to pick up right where the crew and I left off, and then some.  With so many diverse characters on the D-Line, I think that it would only be proper to give them nicknames.  Billy "Goat" Winn because he eats up offensive lineman in the middle.  “Barnyard" Byron Hout cause he has that barnyard strength that only farmers have.  Jarrell "Voltron" Root because from what I hear that's what some of the die-hard fans refer to him as.  Chase "Tree Trunk" Baker due to the fact that he has tree trunks as legs.  Shea McClellan, aka "Chicken Dinner", cause he is a winner, winner.  J.P. Nisby and Chuck Hayes are the dynamic duo "Harlem Heat".  And, last but certainly not least Ryan Winterswyk, aka "QB Killer". 

All in all this year's defensive line is as strong as a river at flood.  There is more talent this year then ever before.  Opposing offensive lineman might be found whimpering all week knowing that a "Bronco Beatdown" is about to take place.  I am very excited to watch my former teammates show their skills.  

Ryan Winterswyk, aka QB killer, is approaching his junior season and I anticipate this to be the best season he has ever had as a Bronco.  I say this because he is the defensive lineman out there with the most experience and has a relentless attitude that every leader needs.  So fans look out for this guy to have a monster of a season!!! 

“Barnyard” Byron Hout is the epitome of a finesse player on the field! Every time I observe him beat an O-lineman it just looks so natural and smooth. He might be a little undersized, however his “Barnyard” strength and finesse moves will make him an oversized playmaker this season.   

Billy “Goat” Winn is another one of my favorites in the breakout category. “The Goat” is probably one of the most diverse player, big enough to play D-Tackle but quick enough to play if needed at end.  In my eyes, offensive linemen will have there hands full when they face “The Goat”. 

Harlem Heat (Nisby and Hayes) will be a great backup duo for the Broncos this season as they know each others weaknesses and strengths, just like the real tag team champs the “Harlem Heat”!! On a serious note these guys will get the job done when they enter the game.  

This Oregon game has more hype then "Y2K" had, but if the knock-out D-Line does its job in controlling the trenches on Thursday night, you could see some big duck’s crashing on the Blue, instead of some computer crash that was supposed to be man's end.

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