A Sure Sign Game Week is Here

BOISE, Idaho- One way to know for sure that it's game week? When the traveling Boise State football equipment truck arrives at the stadium to begin loading. Complete with a new look, the Air Van semi and trailer will make the 2,185 mile journey from Boise to Atlanta beginning Tuesday night, after practice. The 35-hour trip will include three drivers and cover 13 states, before arriving in Atlanta on Thursday night, just ahead of the Broncos. 

The equipment truck underwent a makeover during the off-season, taking on the look of Boise State's most famous icon, the Blue Turf. The back of the trailer references Boise State's football tradition, noting the 16 conference championships and the program's 11 bowl appearances that have come in the past 12 seasons.

Without question, the truck and trailer will be seen prominently around the country over the next three weeks. In addition to the trip to and then back from Atlanta, Air Van drivers will load up again the week of September 12th for the 3,800 mile round trip to Ohio and Boise State's September 16th game at Toledo. 

All told, between now and September 20, the Boise State football equipment truck will log more than 8,200 miles and cross into 21 different states to make sure all of Boise State's equipment makes it to the first two games of the 2011 season.

For more on the game ahead, check out the interview with senior Jarrell Root below. Root talks about his lunch menu and how he and the defensive line is preparing for Georgia.


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