Rashaun Scott and the Cornerbacks

BOISE, Idaho Boise State fans have had the pleasure of watching senior Rashaun Scott contribute to the program in a variety of ways both in the defensive backfield and on special teams during his five years with the Broncos.

Scott has returned kickoffs, covered kickoffs and blocked the opposing team’s gunner. On defense he has played both safety and cornerback as he added flexibility to the secondary. Even with all the reps Scott takes on special teams he still realizes the importance of retaining his focus to help in any necessary situation.

“As a backup it is harder to stay focused,” Scott said. “When you have that chance to go in, you have be ready and have knowledge of the defense. When you are a backup you don’t feel like you have many chances but when you get those chances you have to be there and be ready.”

Scott has been ready for Boise State both this season and throughout his career working diligently on the field, in the weight room and in the classroom.

“He is the Boise State role model,” said defensive secondary coach Marcel Yates. “Scott is what this program is all about. Knowing your role, accepting your role, not being content with your role and working to move your role higher by getting better.” 
Scott demonstrated his work ethic in the weight room as he bench-pressed 335 lbs., to set the school record for defensive backs. He is also good student who is on pace to receive his degree in social science.

Scott and Ia Falo will be the veterans among the cornerbacks that will be making opposing offense work for every yard they get.

“We will be physical, lock down and hard to complete a pass on,” Yates said. “I want the corners to feel if a receiver catches a ball he had to be perfect as far as running his route while the quarterback had to be perfect on the timing of the release and placement of the ball. I want to give those opposing receivers 60 minutes of fits so when they leave they are saying damn, those Boise State corners are good.’” 

Of the eight cornerbacks on the roster four earned letters with the team during the 2006 season.

Rashaun Scott, 5’10”, 197 lbs., senior, is the veteran amongst the group. He finished the 2006 season with eight tackles.

“Scott is a hard worker and is very strong,” Yates said. “He is guy that we feel can come in at any time and help us.”

Ia Falo, 5’7”, 165 lbs., senior, was a backup cornerback for the Broncos in 2006. He finished the season with 14 tackles.

“Falo is a special teams guru,” according to Yates. “He wants to run down the field, hit people and make plays. He knows his role and does it well.”

Orlando Scandrick, 5’11”, 198 lbs., junior, started all 13 games at corner for the Broncos during the 2006 season. He finished the year with 52 tackles, six pass breakups and one interception.

“He is very fast, probably about a 4.3 (seconds in 40-yard dash) or low 4.4 guy,” coach Yates said. “He is a competitor that wants to be the best and is working to be the best. He is very coachable, very knowledgeable and a student of the game, so I am expecting a big year out of him.”

Kyle Wilson, 5’10”, 187 lbs., sophomore, started the final five games for Boise State in 2006. Finished the season with 41 tackles, five pass breakups and one interception.

“He is probably one of the most competitive guys of the corners,” Yates said. “He takes it personal and wants to be the best. He is a hard worker who had a great summer and I expect a big year from him.”

Both newcomers and redshirts represent the freshman class.

Cade Hulbert, 5’10”, 170 lbs., freshman, redshirted for Boise State during the 2006 season

“His attribute is speed,” Yates said. “He is a competitor and tremendous athlete with great straight away speed.”

Keith McGowen, 5’10”, 177 lbs., freshman, redshirted for Boise State during the 2006 season.

“He is improving everyday,” Yates said. “I think he is at that point where he is almost figuring it out.”

Antwon Murray, 5’11”, 180 lbs., freshman, joins the Broncos out of Lakeland, Flo.

“He is very competitive and battles,” Yates said. “He missed one day with an injury and it just ate him up.”

Brandyn Thompson, 5’10”, 166 lbs., freshman, played his high school football in Elk Grove, Calif.

“Thompson is probably the most surprising defensive back in the whole group,” Yates said. “Very good feet, very good hips and very competitive with good technique.”

Focus will once again be a key for the cornerbacks as they mentally prepare to capitalize on whatever opportunities they are given.


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