Snap Shots-Billy Winn


1.    What car best describes your personality?  CORVETTE

2.    If you were an animal, what would you be?  GORILLA

3.    What do  you like to do most, listen to your I-Pod or play video games?  VIDEO GAMES (for the simulated action)

4.    What’s your favorite video game to play?  NCAA FOOTBALL

5.    What website do you visit most frequently?  MY BOISE STATE/BRONCOWEB ACCOUNT

6.    What has been your favorite class to this point?  GROUP COMMUNICATION

7.    If you could have any meal, what would it be?  CHICKEN ALFREDO

8.    If you were playing another sport, what would it be?  WRESTLING

9.    What athlete do you most like watching?  JULIUS PEPPERS

10.    What do you like most about Boise?  THE COMMUNITY (GREAT PEOPLE)

11.    Bleed Blue – What does that mean to you?  SELLING OUT, GIVING EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!

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