Broncos wrap up spring practice with annual Blue-Orange Scrimmage Friday

BOISE, Idaho The Boise State football team will wrap up its spring season Friday with the annual Blue-Orange Scrimmage at Bronco Stadium.  Gates open at 5:00 p.m., with the team taking the field at 6:00 p.m.  The actual scrimmage should start around 6:30 p.m. and tickets are $6.

The scrimmage will pit the offense against the defense with a special scoring system designed to make the competition fair.  The offense can score points by scoring touchdowns, extra points and field goals while also getting points for explosive plays (runs of 12 or more yards/pass plays of 16 or more yards) and a stretch of three consecutive first downs on a drive.

The defense can get points by scoring a touchdown and an extra point (following a defensive touchdown), while also getting points for turnovers, three and outs, sacks, field goal or extra point blocks, sudden changes (stopping the offense when they start inside the 35-yard line) or fourth down stops.

Listed below is the scoring key for the scrimmage.


Touchdown                                        6 points

PAT                                                        1 point

Explosive play                                    1 point

(Run of 12+, Pass of 16+ yards)


3 consecutive first downs             1 point

(1 point for each additional

first down in the series)


 Field Goal                                           3 points



Touchdown                                        6 points

PAT                                                        1 point

Turnover (unless TD)                      3 points

3 and out                                             1 point

Sack                                                       1 point

PAT/FG Block                                     1 point

Sudden Change                                4 point

(Offense starts inside 35-yard

line and doesn’t score or is held

to a field goal)


4th Down Stop                                    3 points

(When the drive starts outside

the 35-yard line)

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