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Boise State University's Bronco Stadium
"The Blue"



»20th Anniversary and History of "The Blue"


Bronco Stadium is the home of Boise State University football and the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (formerly the Humanitarian Bowl), held each December.

Seating capacity has increased several times in recent years, with additions made to Bronco Stadium.  In 2009, nearly 1,600 additional south end zone seats were added, raising the current capacity of Bronco Stadium to 33,500.  The added end zone seats are bleacher style seating and extend to just below the south end scoreboard.

In 2008 the Stueckle Sky Center was opened and the capacity of Bronco Stadium went up to 32,000. The four level facility includes loge boxes, club seating, sky suites and game/media operations for Boise State home football games. Additionally, five individual banquet style or meeting room spaces are located throughout the 131,000 square foot facility.

The stadium was expanded to 30,000 seats prior to the start of the 1997 football season. The two-year expansion project raised the seating total from 22,600 to 30,000 seats. Included in the $10 million project is the additional seating in the southwest and southeast corners, construction of the Allen Noble Hall of fame gallery and completion of the Larry and Marianne Williams Plaza.

Originally constructed with 14,500 seats at a cost of $2.2 million in 1970, Bronco Stadium has undergone two expansions since then. In 1974, the east side upper deck was added, increasing the seating capacity to 20,000. Portable end zone seating had the capacity of Bronco Stadium at 22,600 through the 1996 season. At that point, the most recent expansion took place, raising the current capacity to 30,000. With the original cost of Bronco Stadium, and the two subsequent expansions, the total cost of Bronco Stadium is estimated over $13.54 million.

Bronco Stadium is also home to the world famous blue turf, commonly referred to as “The Blue”.  The current “Field Turf” surface was installed in the summer of 2008, marking the fourth blue surface at Bronco Stadium.  he current turf is the new "Astro Play" which was installed during the summer of 2002. Boise State established a first in 1986 by installing the first blue Astro Turf field. The second blue Astro Turf was installed in 1995. An Astro Play surface was installed during the summer of 2002, replace the artificial turf with a surface less abrasive and more grass like.  Other schools have special color projects for the end zone area, but Boise State is the first to have the entire field produced in a special color. There have been two previous green Astro Turf fields installed prior to 1986. The first was during the original construction of the current stadium in 1970, with the second installed prior to the 1978 season.


  • Ground Breaking: 1969
  • Stadium Dedication: September 11, 1970 
    (Boise State 49, Chico State 14)
  • All-time win-loss record, through 2008 season: 208-49 (.809)
  • Total seating capacity: 33,500
  • All-time attendance record: 34,127 
    (vs. Oregon, September 3, 2009)
  • First Addition: 1975 (East Side Upper Deck)
  • Second Addition: 1997 (Southwest and Southeast Corners, Allen Noble Hall of Fame Gallery, Larry and Marianne Williams Plaza)
  • Third Addition: 2008 (Stueckle Sky Center)
  • Fourth Addition: 2009 (South End Zone Bleacher Expansion)
  • Turf:  Blue Field Turf
  • Bowl Game: Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl (Created in 1997)
  • NCAA Track & Field Outdoor Championships hosted by Boise State in 1994 and 1999.
  • Special features: 131,000 square foot Stueckle Sky Center on west side of stadium with loge boxes, club seats, sky suites and press facilities; Caven-Williams Sports Complex and Indoor Facility at northwest corner of Bronco Stadium; Allen Noble Hall of Fame Gallery located in southwest corner of Bronco Stadium with a plaza entrance leading into stadium; Idaho Sports Medicine Institute facilities in southeast corner of Bronco Stadium housing Boise State Team Doctors; Nicholson-Yanke Varsity Center at south end of stadium; Bronco Vision video board in north end zone.

Astro Play
In the summer of 2002, Boise State replaced the old blue Astro Turf
with blue Astro Play turf.
Bronco Stadium is the only football field in the world with a blue field.

Game Day in Bronco Stadium

Bronco Stadium in 2006

Bronco Stadium & HOF
Bronco Stadium and Allen Noble HOF

Bronco Football Lockerroom
Bronco Varsity Football Locker Room, remodeled in 1999.


Stueckle Sky Club Opened in Fall 2008

Boise State vs. Oregon on September 3, 2009

Boise State's Year-by-Year Record in Bronco Stadium

1970: 5-1

1971: 7-0

1972: 4-1

1973: 6-0

1974: 6-0

1975: 6-2

1976: 4-2

1977: 5-0

1978: 6-1

1979: 5-1

1980: 6-1

1981: 5-2

1982: 5-1

1983: 5-1

1984: 2-4

1985: 5-1

1986: 4-2

1987: 5-2

1988: 5-2

1989: 5-2

1990: 7-1

1991: 7-0

1992: 3-3

1993: 3-4

1994: 10-0

1995: 5-2

1996: 1-6

1997: 3-2

1998: 4-3

1999: 8-0

2000: 6-0

2001: 5-1

2002: 7-0

2003: 6-0

2004: 7-0

2005: 6-1

2006: 6-0

2007: 7-0

2008: 6-0


208-49 (.809)

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