Return To Glendale DVD Release Preview: Endzone Assault

The 2009 Bronco football commemorative DVD, Return To Glendale will be released this Friday night beginning at 6pm. Each day this week fans can get a preview of the four different sections from the DVD as well as a video sneak peak from one of the features in that section.   Bleed Blue is the section of the DVD that will take fans into the heart of the season, and through all the accolades that followed for the offense, defense and special teams.  Five features comprise the Bleed Blue menu, each containing highlights and interviews ranging in length from a minute and a half up to 10 minutes.   End Zone Assault recaps the explosive offense of the Broncos.  Adrenaline Rush provides an in depth look at the defensive unit.  Bringing The Hammer is all about the unsung heroes of the Bronco special teams.  Blue Voodoo includes the best images from the fan and blue turf magic of Bronco Stadium.  Also included in this section is the Bleed Blue Team Video Board Intro that played at each home game prior to the team tunnel entrance. Click here for a sneak peak from the End Zone Assault feature.  And, make sure to check back tomorrow for a preview of the Carrying The Flag section of the Return To Glendale DVD.

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