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TCU linebacker Daryl Washington was recorded on Thursday saying, "We'll have our way with him come Monday night", in reference to Bronco quarterback Kellen Moore.  Although in fairness to Washington he praised Moore for his accuracy and play to start the quote.

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On Friday, Washington was asked about the comment and he followed up with this:  "Kellen Moore is a great quarterback.  I think we will definitely try to have our way with him and try to make sure we don't let him set his feet and get comfortable."


On Friday, Coach Petersen eluded to the fact that freshman offensive lineman Brenel Myers will get the nod at right tackle in Monday's Fiesta Bowl.  Myers will start in place of Garrett Pendergast, who broke his ankle earlier this month.

"I think Brenel will probably get the nod there.  Mike (Ames) may play some as well.  We feel confident in both those guys," said Petersen.  "We have been very hot on Brenel since he has been with us.  He is probably a true guard, but he is athletic enough to play in the (tackle) position.  We are really hoping to get him going this season, but he has had some hand injuries.  He's finally healthy and at the right time.  We need him," added Petersen.


As for Myers lining up to face TCU All-American defensive end Jerry Hughes, well that certainly raises some concern.  Myers will be making his second career start and first at tackle.  As for Hughes, the two-time Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year, will be making his 27th career start and owns 28.5 career sacks and 39 tackles for loss.

"Yeah, it concerns us.  It concerns us.  All of our guys going up against him is a concern," said Petersen.  "Brenel is as athletic as anybody we have, so that will help.  But, there's no substitute for experience.  That's one of the things we are lacking."


Coach Petersen also talked about Austin Pettis and his ankle injury.  "Same old thing.  Kind of a game time decision.  He is obviously limited and we will try to figure out how he fits in at game time."


Reports had been circling about the status of Horned Frog senior cornerback Rafael Priest, and a foot injury suffered during bowl practices.  TCU head coach Gary Patterson indicated that Priest could "possibly" play, although he hasn't practiced since the team arrived in Arizona.

"Possibly. The biggest thing for us, through the season is we've had guys who have gone down and guys step up," said Patterson.  "We feel confident in Greg McCoy.  I think Greg McCoy has more interceptions than Priest does."

McCoy is a sophomore who has started one game this season, and does have two interceptions this season to Priest's one pick.  McCoy is also a key special teams performer for TCU, returning one kick 81 yards for a touchdown against Wyoming and averaging 38 yards on nine returns this season.

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