Petersen Agrees To New 5 Year Contract

Following Friday morning's Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Boise State player media day, two of Boise State's biggest players off the field called a gathering of the 75 assembled media.

Boise State University President Bob Kustra and Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier announced in a short press conference that a new five year contract has been agreed to in principle with head football coach Chris Petersen.  Details of the contract were not released and the inking of the contract is still to be finalized and would be subject to state board approval.

Some quotes from the press conference:

Boise State President Bob Kustra: "Clearly we have been working on this for a few months, and this was absolutely a top priority for Boise State University, to be affiliated, and standing alongside Chris Petersen is just a great accomplishment.  He has done a great job here at Boise State, one of the finest football coaches in the nation.  His team, you all know his team.  It has built character.  It has taught leadership.  He has shared values, the kind of values we all believe in and respect. In addition to all his coaching abilities, Coach Patterson has been an incredible supporter of Boise State University as a university.  He's placed emphasis on academic priorities, not only for his studentathletes but for the entire University."

Boise State Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier: "The recruiting season is in high gear right now, and we don't want any questions about who's going to be heading up this program, not only at the top but with the whole staff. And we did address the assistant coaches in this negotiation and we want to keep this whole team together, because as Coach Pete has always said, it is not about one person or two people or whatever.  It takes a lot of people in the program, in the coaching staff, in the training room, the equipment room, the medical staff, you name it, to make a successful program. We want to make sure that stays as intact as possible."

Boise State Head Coach Chris Petersen: "I would just like to say how appreciative I am to Dr. Kustra, Gene, to have this opportunity to stay here as long as possible. I think the one thing is, we have been talking about this for a while, working this out.  I think they said it best, I don't think about it just for me.  I think about it for our coaches as well.  And so I think that the longer we can keep our crew intact, the better for Boise State, and I'm just so appreciative with everything they've done for our program, my family, our staff. The one thing is we are excited to get this message out.  We don't want this to take away too much from the reason that we're here, from this great experience, to make this about this contract or anything like that.  But we are so appreciative and very humbled by the whole situation."

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