Senior Associate Athletic Director Curt Apsey Hurt In NBA (Noonball Association) Game



In a tragic story today, Senior Associate Athletic Director Curt Apsey was carted off the Boise State Aux Gym in a wheelchair after getting a blister on his pinky toe in what is being called a freak accident.

Apsey started off the day on fire with a dominating performance to set the tone. He was 8-10 from the field leading his "Average Joe's" team with 27 points, 7 rebounds, ans 2 blocked shots; both against Tim Socha. 

"He was having such a monstrous day, I could hardly stay in front of him on the defensive side and couldn't do anything on the offensive side. I just can't believe he's hurt" said Steve Lucas. Lucas lead the opposing team in assists and turnovers.

The atmosphere of the day changed with Apsey's missed lay-up. While the effort was there, the athletic ability was missing, causing him to land awkwardly and grabbing his foot. The situation looked extremely serious when Apsey was carted off by wheelchair screaming "WHY?!" much like the scene from Nancy Kerrigan's run-in with Tonya Harding's body guards.

Many spectators question Apseys decision to even attempt to play basketball. "We are all out here to have a good time and get our exercise for the day in, but some people need to think twice before attempting to play so they don't hurt themselves" said Andy Atkinson.

With the Special Olympics coming to Boise this February it is unclear if Apsey will be able to participate. "I have worked very hard to be able to participate in those games, and I'm still going to even if I'm unable to walk, I'll crawl" said a teary eyed Curt Apsey.

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