Inside the Paint with Zach Moritz
Nice to have those exhibition games behind us and get out some of our individual nerves and collective kinks. They are always a little tricky at this stage in the season and especially this year with our system insecure and our player rotations uncertain. I check ESPN every day these first few weeks to see who’s caught an exhibition game loss, as it happens annually. On the national stage, the preseason top-25 Tennessee Volunteers fell to the Division II Indianapolis Greyhounds 79-64. And on a more relevant level, WAC contenders UNR lost to another Division II foe in Seattle Pacific, 84-81.

For those that attended the exhibitions you already know that both Montana Tech and Adams State proved to be great grounds for improvement and application. We displayed some versatility in the face of adversity and in the end kept our composure toward two wins.

Upon film review of both games, we’ve been breaking down some early strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I’ve been exposed on some defensive subtleties during our film sessions and was immediately reprimanded and held accountable. Throughout the last practice week my mentality has been focused on such details. My mantra has been to never play “casual,” as my coaches called it, and to rebound every ball within my grasp. Pleasing this staff is no easy feat and mental toughness has been necessary thus far.

Exhibitions aside, from here on out these games are for keeps and Saturday, Nov. 13, against Western State marked the beginning. That game has come and gone so I won’t dwell much on it. But know it was one more instance for us to improve and expand upon our system and cohesion.

We’ll be on the road this weekend for yet another test of our toughness and focus. Heading to California for a two-game stint will be a good time for a lot of our guys with Cali roots.  And I too look forward to seeing some friends that have been sprinkled across southern California. Being our first road trip together should be an interesting and exciting experience, but as always we’ll approach it as a business trip. I look forward to the USD game especially knowing that Coach Grier’s Gonzaga background should make for some interesting in-game dynamics. That doesn’t discount mine or any of my teammates’ mindsets about the UC Davis game though. Considering that they beat us on our home court last spring, we’ll be ready for revenge.

In closing I want to thank whomever out at Brewforia for taking the time to enjoy these online entries. Word of mouth got back to me and your support is much appreciated. Hopefully I can continue to engage and entertain you and many more as this season develops. And to any and all veterans that may be fans of the program, words don’t express the gratitude we all owe you for your service.

Thanks for reading!


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