Inside the Paint with Zach Moritz

Due to some minor setbacks, the frequency of these entries had to take a backseat. However, for those interested, it’ll be up-and-running more often throughout the season and hopefully provides some added engagement and insight for any and all fans. Be sure to check our homepage often and thanks again for your support. Now, back to basketball.

Week one of practice is done! The season is now officially rolling and with our first game looming (Oct. 29), you can imagine that our practices have been more concentrated and concise than ever. The 16 of us players have been held to an extremely high standard as of late and rightfully so. With our first real test ahead of us in Montana Tech, the energy and enthusiasm has been at a climax. All of us, players and coaches alike, are merging our mindsets in order to achieve success. And right now, success is defined by attention and adaptability on the court.

At this point in our practice progression a natural competitive separation is beginning to take place within the squad. Based on a combination of basketball ability and intelligence each individual player is being thoroughly analyzed. On a daily basis we are introduced with new offensive and defensive situational schemes. Now typically this part of the year would be a breeze for an upperclassman-laden team such as ours, and certainly some of us are handling the mental load better than others. But we all are still students of this new system. With many of us having to understand plays at multiple positions patience has been paramount. There is no doubt that we’re making progress, however we’re still in the thinking and learning stages and thus unable to intuitively react in a more fluid manner.

Make no mistake though, we will be ready. In a mock scrimmage just this past week we proved to ourselves and our coaches just how good we can be. Although many kinks were still noticeable upon film review, our skill sets and energy proved to be enough to make up for such initial setbacks. We are still relatively new to our roles within the ever-evolving system and our staff, but having seven seniors as a foundation has been big. It brings with it leadership, experience, focus and a willingness to be coached that I haven’t seen during my five years here in Boise. Combined with the underclassmen’s fire and excitement to prove themselves our practices are taking place with a perfect storm of competitive energy.

It was great to see not only the many familiar faces, but also the numerous unfamiliar faces at our meet and greet the other night. Having the support of the community is a huge confidence booster and will be crucial to our home-court advantage. I know we all look forward to restoring that sense of Bronco Basketball pride. And ultimately we thrive on your contributions for both immediate support as well as the longevity of our program’s success. I am excited for our arena to be full of life again and am itching at the opportunity to establish our on-court presence once more. I hope to see many later on this Friday at the TBA.

Thanks for reading!


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