Meet Sam Hicks

Meet Sam Hicks, a freshman from Redding, California. He is one of the new faces of the Boise State Men's Basketball Team.

1.    What are your impressions of Boise and your teammates so far? How have open gyms been going? I love it here and open gyms are going real well.

2.    What is something Bronco fans don’t know about you but they might find interesting? I play world of warcraft.

3.    What attracted you most to Boise?  Players, coaches and the city itself.

4.    Kobe or LeBron? LeBron.

5.    What person would be your presenter at your induction to the basketball hall of fame and why? My dad.

6.    In your opinion, what is your biggest strength on the basketball court? What area of your game do you most want to improve upon? I feel rebounding is one of my strengths and I’d like to improve offensively.

7.    Did you play any sports other than basketball while you were growing up? Yes, I participated in soccer, football, baseball and track.

8.    What are you most excited about for this upcoming season? Improving as a player.

9.    Who is your favorite basketball player? Dwight Howard.

10.    What three words would you use to describe Coach Greg Graham? Dedicated, hardworking man.

11.    What are you most excited about thinking about your Bronco debut this upcoming season? The feel for a college game.


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