Julius Brown Chokes Under Pressure, Drops Game 7 in NBA Finals

Aux Gym, BOISE, Idaho - In game seven of the NBA (Noon Ball Association) Finals Julius Brown and his two team mates, Brent Pease and Ryan Becker, could not close out the series vs. Brad Larrondo, Adam Parker, and Andy Atkinson.

Brown was on fire early in the game from the floor but after it was declared the next two baskets wins, the choke was on!  Larrondo scored an easy jump shot and after a horrible Brown missed shot Atkinson took the rebound and ended it with a typical Atkinson jumper from the baseline.  Brown did finish the afternoon with 30 points, 0 assists, 0 rebounds, 0 blocks, and 0 steals. 

Pease on the other hand was playing with a new found determination.  After a brief hiatus in Westwood, CA, Pease played with a vigor and tenacity never seen before in the Aux Gym.  Jumpers, lay-ups, finger rolls, and yes even a sky hook (learned last week from Jabbar).  But Pease ended the fun with a flagrant elbow to Atkinson's face after a wild drive to the hoop.

"If he (Atkinson) don't like how I play, then he better move his face!" Pease said in the post game press conference.

Atkinson responded to Pease's comments with one of his own, "Well last I checked, elbows to the face don't score points...but my game-winner sure did."

Brad Larrondo lead all scorers with 50 points.  Afterwards when asked to comment about his extraordinary game he said, "Well I was guarded by Julius, so 50 points isn't really saying much."

Adam Parker did manage to chip in a couple of his world famous deep bank shots, and Ryan Becker also played with his typical doggedness.  Becker couldn't be reached for comment.  Last heard he is still laying on the court waiting for the charge call.

And Steve Lucas was in uniform as well but being the odd man out Lucas stomped out of the gym and was last seen heading to Guido's.  

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