Webb to Declare for NBA Draft
March 27, 2016

Boise State redshirt junior forward James Webb III will declare for the 2016 NBA Draft, but will not hire an agent. Webb will sign the official declaration paperwork Monday, at which time he will be eligible to be invited to the NBA Draft Combine and be contacted by NBA organizations.

"I talked to family, friends and the people who have been close to me through this whole process and decided this was the best step for me," said Webb. "This new rule is meant for people like me to test the waters. I feel good about myself, where I stand and how much I can still progress."

Under a new rule adopted by the NCAA Division I Joint Council earlier this year, men's basketball student-athletes have until 10 days after the conclusion of the NBA Draft Combine to withdraw their name from the NBA Draft, provided they do not hire representation.

"If my workouts go well and I get the feedback I want, I will consider hiring an agent at that point," Webb said. "That's still a ways down the road though and I'm just focused on continuing to get better and put myself in the best position possible."

Below is an excerpt from the NCAA's Jan. 13, 2016 release regarding the rule change...
Link to Full Release

In an effort to both provide students the chance to make more fully informed decisions and prepare themselves for a potential professional basketball career, the Division I Council adopted a proposal that, among other provisions, changes the date by which a student must remove his name from the NBA draft.

Starting this year, a men’s basketball student-athlete must remove his name from the NBA draft list 10 days after the conclusion of the NBA draft combine. This past year, the combine was held May 13-17.

Also, students can enter the NBA draft multiple times without jeopardizing eligibility and may participate in the combine and one tryout per NBA team, per year.

The NBA will invite a select number of draft-eligible players to the combine, which will provide a good indicator of an underclassman’s draft potential. Following the combine, the NBA will provide specific feedback. Students can also work out for one NBA team to provide additional assessments.

A student invited to the combine will be allowed to work out with his college coaches from the time he receives his invitation until he withdraws from the draft. Workouts will be kept to the in-season limit of four hours a day for up to 20 hours per week.

Usually in late April and May, men’s basketball student-athletes are limited to eight hours per week of skill instruction, conditioning and film review, not to exceed two hours of skill instruction. Practice is prohibited surrounding final exams.

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