WAC Announces WAC.tv Basketball Tournament Distribution Plan

DENVER – The Western Athletic Conference today released details of the distribution plan for the WAC Basketball Tournament on WAC.tv, the WAC’s web-based content distribution system (www.wac.tv).

All-tournament passes on WAC.tv will be available for $14.95 and all men’s and women’s games with the exception of the men’s final on Saturday, March 10th will be available live on WAC.tv. The men’s championship game will be available exclusively on ESPN2. Individual tournament games may be purchased for $7.95 each.

All 15 games that will be available on WAC.tv will feature a full television-quality production complete with multiple cameras, on-screen scoreboard, and instant replays. In addition, the WAC.tv presentation will also give fans access to live statistics, post-game press conferences, and studio-style analysis and game previews.

WAC.tv will also offer a MegaStream option that will allow users with a robust Internet connection to receive the games at 1.1 megabits per second, compared with the regular stream of 539 kilobits per second. The MegaStream will be offered at $24.95 for the entire tournament, or $10.95 for each game.

Highlights of the WAC.tv Tournament Package:
Less than $1 per game (15 men’s and women’s games total)
Full television-quality production
Live Statistics
Behind the scenes access, including press conferences, post-game analysis and game previews
Regular and “MegaStream” packages available
All-Tournament Package Costs: $14.95 for the regular bit rate package or $24.95 for the MegaStream Package
Single Game Costs: $7.95 for the regular bit rate and $10.95 for the MegaStream
For more information, go to www.wac.tv or contact Steve Macy in the WAC office (macy@wac.org).

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