Cross Country and the Boise Foothills
Nov. 1, 2017

BOISE, Idaho – With trails just mere minutes from Boise State’s home track of Dona Larsen Park, the Boise foothills offers Boise State athletes one of the most unique places to train.

Over 100 miles of dirt trails compile the Ridge to Rivers trail system – the primary training ground for the Boise State cross country and track and field teams. With additional trail systems in the surrounding area, Bronco runners are left with countless options.

“You can leave the track, and within five to seven minutes, we’re in the middle of the foothills and can run for miles and miles,” Boise State head coach Corey Ihmels said. “We’re very fortunate to have those right next to our city, right next to our track and right next to campus. We can get in there and get lost.”

The Boise foothills receive over one million uses each year on its over 150 named trails. The soft surface trails cover over 85,000 acres of rolling foothills to the Rocky Mountains. With most snow falling only in the upper mountains, the trails of the lower foothills offer year-round use.

“Back home I always had to train on busy streets with the pavement,” freshman and Lawrence, Kan. native Emily Venters said. “Here, I can run on different trails every day. Running on the soft surface is really nice.”

Boise State athletes are able to utilize the foothills for an altitude advantage as well. The foothills range in elevation ranging from 2,700 feet at Dona Larsen Park, up to 7,000 feet at the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area.

“I think the foothills have a lot to do with our success,” Ihmels added.

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