Bronco Invitational

ENTRIES: for registration. Registration for all Collegiate Invitationals will be close on the Tuesday prior to the competition @ 12:00 p.m. MST. Late entries will not be accepted following the close of registration. It is advisable to print your entries listing from Direct Athletics each time you make changes to your entries. The entry fee for collegiate athletes is $15.00/ athlete. This fee includes unlimited entries in individual events, as well as relays. A list of accepted entries will be available via online at no later than 5pm on the Thursday preceding the competition. Known scratches should be made at that time if possible.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Located on . Please note that event times are approximated. The final time schedule will be adjusted according to the number of entries in each event, and will be updated as entries are completed. In order to reduce confusion, coaches are asked to utilize only the schedule of events provided in their final meet info packet.


PACKETS: May be picked up at the Sports Center Friday 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Coaches, please check in with the Clerk/ Meet Director immediately upon arrival Friday to make any scratches in the running and field events.

FACILITY: The oval is 6 lanes/ 200m banked the sprint straight is 8 lanes/ 60m. Both running/ jumping surfaces are Mondo. Shot impact area is Mondo (athletes must provide their own synthetic implement). Weight throw impact area is dirt (steel weights, and synthetic throwing weights may be used). Athletes, who are competing in running/ jumping events, shoes will be checked for spike length. or 7mm “spikes are permissible for the oval, straights and runway. 3/8’or 9mm spikes are permissible for High Jumpers. NO CHRISTMAS TREES OR NEEDLE SPIKES ARE PERMITED.

PRACTICE: The Sports Center is available for visiting team practice on Friday from 2pm 6:30pm. If your team requires practice times other than these please contact the Meet Director to arrange alternative training times.

WARM UP: Athletes may jog warm up inside, around the perimeter of the Sports Center. Also a 70m Astroturf straight is available inside the sports center for warm-up purposes.

Athletes will be assigned to heats and lanes based on the following criteria: performances achieved in the current indoor season, lifetime best, head to head competition (if challenged, entry performances maybe verified thorough the institutions SID). When more than one heat is necessary, the fastest seeded heat will compete last. Check In: At least 30 min. before the event is scheduled to compete.
Check In Procedure: It is the responsibility of the athlete to check with the Clerk for updated start times. Athletes and relay teams must check in 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time at the clerk of the course, located at the Northeast of Jacksons Track.
1. Competitors failing to comply with check-in-procedures may be disqualified from that event.
2. Athletes will not be allowed to bring bags (backpacks, duffel bags) into infield.
3. Only shoe bags will be allowed.
Scratches: Please let the Meet director know in writing (e mail, or note) ASAP, or if on race day notify Head Clerk know ASAP.
1. Those athletes who do not check in 30 min. in advance will be scratched.
2. Heats will be combined where there are empty lanes.
1. Hurdle athletes will be allowed onto the straight track, 30 min. before the event is scheduled to start.
2. All heats of female hurdlers can remain on the oval throughout the heats.
3. All heats of male hurdlers will be allowed onto the infield track at the conclusion of the final race for the women.
4. For finals, the above will be used except the athletes will be allowed onto the infield only 10 min. before the event is scheduled to start.
Straight sprints:
1. 60m female sprint athletes will be allowed onto the straight track immediately concluding the final men’s hurdle race.
2. 60m men sprint athletes will be allowed onto the straight track immediately concluding the final women’s 60m race.
3. For finals, the above will be used except the athletes will be allowed onto the infield only 10 min. before the event is scheduled to start.
Oval Races:
1. Access granted at the discretion of the Gate Keeper

FIELD EVENTS: Field Events will be grouped into flights from a descending order from seasonal best performances provided (entry performances maybe verified thorough the schools SID). The final flight shall be comprised from the top entry performances. In some cases, where the number of entries require it, a minimum marking distance may be enforced. In all field events 9 competitors will be taken into the final.
1. 45 min. before the event is scheduled to start, the athletes will be allowed onto the infield (except PV 1hr.).
2. 45-30 min. before the events scheduled start time; the athletes are to check in with the Head Official.
3. 15 min. before the 1st flight is scheduled to start, an official will escort the remaining flights off the infield
4. As soon as the 1st flight is concluded, the Head Official will escort this flight off the infield, and make the call for the next flight to return to the infield.
5. Weights & Measures: throwing implements to be used in the competitions must be submitted to the implement check-in area at least 60 minutes prior to the start of the event Weigh ins will cease 30 min. prior to the start of the event. Implement Check-in is located at the Northwest corner of Jacksons Track. Illegal implements will be impounded and may be picked up at the conclusion of the competition. Certified implements will be returned to the athlete. Competitors should reclaim their throwing implements following competition. Competitors are solely responsible for their own throwing implements. Host institution is not responsible to provide indoor throwing implements for visiting teams.

MEALS: Eating establishments around the Sports Center are available, but limited. Please Note that outside food may not be brought into the Sports Center. Boxed meals for the day/ evening of the meet may be purchased for your team by ordering in advance. Contact at catering at 208-442-3295 to arrange for these boxed lunches to be available for your team at the Sports Center. A full concession area is also available, serving sandwiches, fruit, along with regular concession fare.

Contact Meet Director Mike Maynard (208)-426-3657, 208-859-6955, .

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