Zacharias Arnos Earns All-American Honors in the Triple Jump

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - Boise State track and field senior Zacharias Arnos gave an outstanding effort on Saturday afternoon (March 13) at the 2010 NCAA Division I National Indoor Track and Field Championships hosted by the University of Arkansas. Arnos had a near lifetime best in the triple jump, jumping 52-feet, 7.50-inches (16.04-meters) to help him to an eighth-place finish and earn his first All-American honor.

Arnos, who was one of 16 competitors in the event, recorded a jump of 52-feet, 4-inches (15.95-meters) in the first round of jumps. In the second and third rounds of the preliminary jumps, Arnos recorded fouls and had to wait through the second flight of preliminary jumps to affirm his advancement to the finals.

Including Arnos, four jumpers from the first flight advanced to the nine-man finals while five more were added from the second flight. Arnos opened up his final three jumps with a foul, but went on to post his the second-best mark of his career in his second jump of the finals. His third jump of finals and sixth jump of the day was a mark of 52-feet, 3.75-inches (15.94-meters).

Arnos' career-best mark of 52-feet, 7.75-inches (16.05-meters) was set just two weeks earlier at the Western Athletic Conference Championships. Arnos is a two-time qualifier for the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, but participated in his first-ever indoor championships on Saturday. His highest finish at any NCAA national meet prior to this season was a 22nd-place finish.

Arnos was the only competitor for Boise State at the 2010 NCAA Indoor Track and Field National Championships.

Florida sophomore Christian Taylor won the men's triple jump with a mark of 56-feet, 4.50-inches (17.18-meters).

Arnos will return to Boise and prepare with his teammates for the beginning of the 2010 outdoor track and field season. The outdoor season opens Mar. 26-27 when they head to Tempe, Ariz., to compete in the Arizona State Team Invitational.

 Flash Results, Inc.

                    NCAA Division I 2010 Indoor Championship                    

                    Randal Tyson Track Complex -U of Arkansas                   

                   Fayetteville, Ar  - 3/12/2010 to 3/13/2010                    

Event 14  Men Triple Jump


 Two flights.  Top 9 plus ties advance to a reverse-order Final.                

 Warm-ups: 15 minute specific for each flight & final if needed.                

    American: A 17.76m  2/27/1987   Mike Conley                                 

  Collegiate: C 17.50m  1/17/1986   Charlie Simpkins, Baptist                   

   NCAA Meet: M 17.31m  3/13/1981   Keith Connor, Southern Methodist            

    Facility: F 17.26m  3/15/2003   Allen Simms, USC                            

    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points



  1 Christian Taylor          SO Florida                 17.18m   56-04.50  10  

      FOUL  16.72m  17.17m  17.18m  FOUL  FOUL                                   

  2 Zedric Thomas             JR LSU                     16.30m   53-05.75   8  

      16.07m  15.48m  16.30m  15.58m  16.15m  15.79m                            

  3 Alphonso Jordan           SR Georgia Tech            16.26m   53-04.25   6  

      16.26m  FOUL  16.17m  16.03m  FOUL  16.19m                                

  4 Tyron Stewart             JR Texas A&M               16.22m   53-02.75   5  

      FOUL  FOUL  15.99m  16.22m  FOUL  FOUL                                    

  5 Zuheir Sharif             SR Texas A&M               16.21m   53-02.25   4  

      16.21m  15.69m  15.89m  15.85m  FOUL  15.78m                              

  6 Kyron Foster              SR Michigan State          16.21m   53-02.25   3  

      15.52m  16.21m  FOUL  15.89m  15.77m  15.64m                              

  7 Omar Craddock             FR Florida                 16.15m   53-00.00   2  

      16.15m  FOUL  15.68m  15.46m  15.85m  FOUL                                

  8 Zacharias Arnos           SR Boise State             16.04m   52-07.50   1  

      15.95m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  16.04m  15.94m                                  

  9 Andre Black               SR Louisville              15.81m   51-10.50      

      15.33m  15.81m  FOUL  FOUL  15.18m  15.23m                                

 10 Hasheem Halim             SO Virginia Tech           15.72m   51-07.00      

      13.23m  15.05m  15.72m                                                    

 11 Julian Reid               JR Texas A&M               15.68m   51-05.50      

      15.03m  15.68m  15.60m                                                    

 12 Darrell Roddick           SR Texas Tech              15.62m   51-03.00      

      15.33m  FOUL  15.62m                                                       

 13 Tarik Batchelor           SO Arkansas                15.55m   51-00.25      

      FOUL  FOUL  15.55m                                                        

 14 Jeremiah James            JR Wyoming                 15.35m   50-04.50      

      15.35m  FOUL  15.26m                                                      

 15 Devon Bond                JR UTSA                    15.03m   49-03.75      

      15.03m  15.01m  FOUL                                                       

 16 Bryce Lamb                FR Texas Tech              14.96m   49-01.00      

      FOUL  FOUL  14.96m                                                        

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