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Jacksons Indoor Track Facility Records (Indoors)

Ed Jacoby Track Facility Records (Outdoors)

2012-13  Season

2013 Indoor List
2013 Outdoor List

2013 Boise State Men's List
(Including career-bests)

2013 Boise State Women's List
(Including career-bests)

Meet Results
Indoor Outdoor
Jacksons Open and Multis (Nov. 30-Dec. 1) ASU Invitational (March 22-23)
Blue and Orange Opener (Jan. 12) Texas Relasy (March 27-30)
Bronco Invitational (Jan. 19) Utah Valley Collegiate Invite (March 29)
Jacksons Invitational (Jan. 25-26) Stanford Invitational (March 29-30)
Bronco Classic (Feb. 2) All-Idaho Cup (April 5-6)
Boise State Team Challenge (Feb. 8-9) Utah Spring Classic (April 12)
Tyson Invitational (Feb. 8-9) Wildcat Invitational (April 13)
Husky Classic (Feb. 8-9)
Oregon Relays (April 18-20)
Mountain West Championships (Feb. 21-23) Mt. SAC Relays (April 18-20)
UW Last Chance Qualifier (March 2) NNU Invitational (April 20)
NCAA National Championships (March 8-9) Idaho-Utah Border Clash (April 26-27)
  Oregon Twilight (May 4)
  Mountain West Championships (May 8-11)
  NCAA West Preliminary Round (May 23-25)
  NCAA National Championships (June 5-8)

2011-12  Season

2012 Indoor List
2012 Outdoor List

2012 Boise State Men's List
(Including career-bests)

2012 Boise State Women's List
(Including career-bests)

Meet Results
Jacksons Open & Multi (Dec. 2-3)
Texas Relays (Mar. 28-31)
Blue and Orange Opener (Jan. 14)
Idaho Cup (Mar. 30-31)
Bronco Invitational (Jan. 21)

BYU, USC - Triangular (Apr. 7)

Jacksons Invitational/NB West (Jan. 27-28)

WAR5 Meet (Apr. 7) / Team Scores

Bronco Classic (Feb. 4)

UTEP Invitational (Apr. 14)

Boise State Team Challenege (Feb. 10-11)
Eastern Oregon Invite (Apr. 14)
Husky Invite (Feb. 10-11)
Mt. SAC/California Invite Multis (Apr18-19)
Mountain West Championships (Feb. 23-25) Cal State LA Twilight Open (Apr. 19)
UW Last Chance Qualifier (Mar. 2-3)
Mt. SAC Relays (Apr. 19-21)
NCAA Indoor Championships (Mar. 9-10)
Bryan Clay Invitational (Apr. 20)
  Oregon Relays (Apr. 20-21)
  NNU Invitational (Apr. 21)
  Robison Invitational (Apr. 27-28)
  Oregon Twilight (May 5)
  Oxy Invitational (May 5)
  Mountain West Championships (May 9-12)
  NCAA First Round (May 24-26)
  NCAA Outdoor Championships (June 6-9)

2010-11  Season

2011 Indoor List
2011 Outdoor List

2011 Boise State Men's List
(Including career-bests)

2011 Boise State Women's List
(Including career-bests)

Meet Results
Jacksons Open (Dec. 3-4)
Arizona State Invitational (Mar. 25-26)
Boise State Opener (Jan. 15)
Idaho Cup (Apr. 1-2)
Bronco Invitational (Jan. 22)  Team Scores

WAR IV (April 9)

Jacksons Invitational/NB West (Jan. 28-29)
Sun Angel Classic (Apr. 8-9)
Bronco Open (Feb. 5)
Mark Faldmo Invitational (Apr. 15-16)
Boise State Team Challenege (Feb. 11-12)
Team Scores
Mt. SAC Relays (Apr. 15-16)
Beach Invitational (April 15-16)
WAC Championships (Feb. 24-26)
ISU Springfest  (Apr. 23)
Oregon Relays (April 22-23)
NNU Invite (April 23)
NCAA Indoor Championships (Mar. 11-12)
Idaho-Utah Border Clash (Apr. 29-30)

WAC Championships (May 10-13)

NCAA First Round (May 26-28)

NCAA Outdoor Championships (Jun. 8-11)

2009-10 Season

2010 Indoor Best Marks
2010 Outdoor Best Marks
2010 Boise State Men's List
2010 Boise State Women's List

Meet Results
Jacksons Open
 Arizona State Team Invite
BSU Duals
All-Idaho Collegiate
Bronco Invite Mesa Classic
United Heritage Invite Sun Angel Classic
Boise State Team Invite California Invitational Multis
WAC Indoor Champs Bryan Clay Invite
NCAA Indoor Champs Mt. SAC Relays

Beach Invite
  EOU Mountaineer Open

Robison Invite
  NNU Invitational

Idaho-Utah Border Clash
  WAC Outdoor Champs
  NCAA First Round
  NCAA Outdoor Champs

2008-09 Season

2009 Indoor Best Marks
2009 Outdoor Best Marks
2009 Boise State Men's List
2009 Boise State Women's List

Meet Results
Jackson's Open
 All-Idaho Collegiate Championships
Blue and Orange Classic
Sun Angel Classic
Bronco Invite
Mt. SAC Relays
United Heritage Invite
Robinson Invite
Boise State Team Invite
Bronco Twilight
NAU Tune-Up
 WAC Outdoor Championships
WAC Indoor Championships
NCAA Regional Championships
NCAA Indoor Championships
NCAA National Championships

2007-08 Season

2008 Indoor Best Marks
2008 Outdoor Best Marks
 2008 Boise State Men's List
2008 Boise State Women's List

2006-07 Season

2007 Boise State Men's List
2007 Boise State Women's List

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