Broncos in the Community Community Service Request Form

Dear Community Member,

Thank you for your interest in Boise State Athletics. Boise State strongly believes in the need to give back to and support the efforts of local communities and organizations. For that reason, Boise State seeks to accommodate requests for its student-athletes to make speaking and other appearances at events. Further, Boise State seeks to balance its support of such events against the academic, athletics, and personal needs of its student-athletes as well as requirements under NCAA, Mountain West and University rules and regulations. Therefore, although Boise State attempts to fulfill as many requests as possible, we cannot always fulfill all requests that we receive.

Appearance Policy:

1. Appearance requests for student athletes must be made through full completion of the online process set forth below. Telephone and email inquiries will not be considered.
2. Appearance requests must be made at least four weeks before the date of the event.
3. Boise State will attempt to provide a response to requests within 10 business days of the request date. Due to the volume of requests, however, Boise State cannot guarantee that every requester will receive a response.
4. Due to limited availability of personnel and distance-related challenges, priority will be given to entities based on proximity.
5. Student-athletes will not attend events that cause them to miss games, practices, meetings, or any other institutional obligations.
6. You may be asked to provide copies of all promotional materials (e.g., flyers, advertisements, website information) that will be used in connection with the event.
7. Boise State cannot guarantee that it will be able to offer student athletes who are specifically identified in requests for appearances at events.
8. Boise State reserves the right, for any reason, to deny appearance requests.

Thank you!

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