BOISE, Idaho - Boise State University unveiled today (Nov. 11) a new unique way for Bronco fans to invest in the athletic program - purchase shares of Bronco Stock.

            Gene Bleymaier, director of athletics at Boise State, announced that fans can make an investment in supporting Bronco student-athletes by purchasing shares of Bronco Stock.  A total of 200,000 shares will be issued at a cost of $100.00 per share and will be sold only to individuals. 

Shareholders will become members of Boise State Broncos, Inc., a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation, and receive a stock certificate and voting privileges.  Shareholders will also be invited to the annual shareholders meeting.

            Proceeds from the Bronco Stock sale will be used to build new athletic facilities for Boise State student-athletes.  Among facilities currently in the planning stage are a men's and women's basketball locker room complex, Dona Larsen Park (track and field) and a south end zone expansion of Bronco Stadium.

            "We are very excited about this new and different approach our fans will have to invest in the future of Bronco athletics," Bleymaier commented.  "The community of Boise has always been a big part of our program.  This will be a way individuals can play an active role by purchasing shares of stock.  We are dependent on our supporters.  If we are to continue the success we are enjoying now we must generate new revenues to pay for coaches' salaries, scholarships and facilities.

            "Owning Bronco Stock allows everyone to help us reach those goals"

            Boise State's program is very similar to the one used by the Green Bay Packers of the NFL. 

            Like the Packers, Bronco Stock holders have voting rights, and may transfer stocks to their heirs.  Shareholders do not receive dividends and the stock does not appreciate.  Shareholders also do not receive ticket privileges.

            Each year at the annual shareholders meeting, members will elect nominees to the board of directors.  Members of the initial board include Jerry Caven, Jerry Dancer, Allen Dykman, Richard Fedrizzi, Jon Miller, Allen Noble, Duane Stueckle, Milford Terrell, David Turnbull, George Wade, Larry Williams and Charles Wilson.

            To purchase your Bronco Stock, please contact the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA) at 208-426-3556, or stop by their office located at the Allen Noble Hall of Fame Gallery at the southwest corner of Bronco Stadium.

            The purchase of Bronco Stock is tax deductable.

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